Friday, January 16, 2009


So, Shawn was off from work again today and I have been loving it with him being home. The bad news is that he still has to go to his 2nd job which is a bummer because that means that we are home alone in the evening. I would much rather be home alone during the daytime, but I guess I have to try to be a big girl and deal with all the noises.

So, we have about 5-6 inches of snow on the ground, we are expecting more tomorrow and the temperatures are bone chilling. I mean it is so cold out that your nose hairs could freeze off as soon as you walk out the door. So, the temps are -12 degrees today and that does not even include the wind chill factor so yep it is a bit chilly. We have our thermostat set at 73 and it feels like 23 in here.....ok, ok maybe I am being a bit drastic, but it is cold and I can't seem to stay warm. I have my pajama pants on, socks, slippers, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and well I am about ready to put a parka on. Don't you hate it when you are so cold and you have the hardest time getting warmed up?!? If I start out my day like this then I will have a hard time getting warmed back up and it will probably just take a downward spiral from here. Well, at least if I freeze my bum off then I could get rid of some of my weight (lol).

We were suppose to go and visit Stacey & Scott this weekend. Stacey is Shawn's cousin and well we have something in common..... we both love to decorate with primitives. Yep, gotta love a gal that loves to decorate the same way you do. Anyway, they live in this old farmhouse that was Scott's grandma and I just can't imagine how cute Stacey has it decorated. If you haven't checked out Stacey's blog then click on Stacey & Scott and it will take you right there. Stacey is just such a sweet person and you would love her if you had the chance to get to know her. Anyway, due to the weather we cancelled our plans to go and visit them this weekend. We are suppose to get more snow here and well they are suppose to get more then we are so we cancelled and are hoping to go up to visit them sometime very soon. The neat thing about Scott & Stacey is that they do alot of farming and well to a city girl like me that is interesting so hopefully we could go and visit sometime during the summer to just to experience what they do when it is that time of year.

On a sad note.... Emily's grandma passed away. Emily is the gal that did a wonderful job creating my new look for my blog!! So, if you could say a prayer for Emily and her family that would be great!! Also, if you haven't checked out Amy's site then you should head on over there. My heart goes out to Amy and her whole family as they all are experiencing with some hard times. Amy herself is dealing with some tough health issues right now and her son Philip is also dealing with some very hard health issues. I think if we could all take a moment to say a prayer for Emily, Amy and Philip that would be wonderful. I am a firm believer that there is power in prayer!!


Kimber said...

Love the new blog design.

Yes I live in a log home in the forest and I love it. Basically my dream home except I wish it was in Arizona right now. Teeheehee

Kelly said...

I should have read your blog before emailing you and I could have answered one of my ?'s myself. ;)
I am the same way with warming up. If it does not happen with in the first hour or so of me getting up, it does not happen at all for the day. UGH.
Praying for Emily, Amy & Phillip.

He And Me + 3 said...

It is too cold for me...Burrr...just can't seem to get warm today. Everything will be ok tonight. I will for sure keep all of those in my prayers...I already pray from Amy and Philip.
Thanks for posting about it.