Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Time = Fun Time Pictures

I love that spring is here and the weather is getting warmer everyday. I will start you out with a few pictures and then add a little story in the middle. Hope you enjoy the pictures of my sweet boy!
Doesn't he look so sweet and innocent here?
He loves to run!!
He loves blowing the dandelions!
Mommy & Daddy's Cool Dude!
Cameron saw this hat in the garden center of Wal-Mart and had to have it. Doesn't he look too cute with it on? My little garden helper!
Daddy & Cameron sharing a snack (goldfish crackers).
Busy watching Yo Gabba Gabba!
These following pictures are unfortunately in reverse order, but you should get the point. Last weekend we went to the Columbus Zoo. We had so much fun and it was beautiful. We have a membership so we try to go frequently, but only hit certain areas on our trip so we all don't get worn out so quick. Anyway, the first picture is of Cameron when we left. He flipped off his shoe and he was out like a light. Hmm, I guess we wore him out, but we had a blast!!
The neat thing about last weekend is that the kiddie rides were open so we bought Cameron a ride bracelet so he could ride the rides as much as he wanted. Well, this elephant ride was his favorite. He also rode the kiddie train which was definitely a treat. I was so excited because I knew he would enjoy the rides, but I had no idea how small these rides really were. I guess I now totally understand the meaning of "kiddie ride". I decided to ride with Cameron 1st and we were so excited. I got into one elephant and it was broke and wouldn't go up and down so we switched elephants. Well, unfortunately my husband and I are not Barbie and Ken so when you gotta ride with your small child...... it can tend to be a bit difficult! Well, I switched elephants all the while my husband is laughing and I am getting worn out from climbing in and out of these elephants and toting Cameron around. Well, the 2nd elephants seat belt didn't fit around both Cameron and I because it was broken and tied in a knot. So, out we hopped out of that one and into the 3rd elephant. Oh yes, I was about ready to give up by then and my husband is ready to pee his pants from laughing at all I had to do for a simple 1 minute elephant ride. I guess you end up doing anything for your child. Luckily the 3rd elephant was fine and we were up and down and out and Cameron was ready to go again. He had so much fun!! So, after our trip to the zoo we went and had a cookout at some friends house, played the Wii and well now we have a Wii in layaway. We are hoping to get it out of layaway tonight or tomorrow. We also put a Wii Fit back as well so hopefully I can be on my way to looking more like Barbie and less like Free Willy (lol). I just need to lose some weight and that is definitely evident now after our trip to the zoo and our turn on the kiddie rides! Well, enjoy the pictures!
We rode on the "blue" elephants and the "purple" elephants - ONLY!
That was Cameron's strict instructions (lol).
Here is the blue elephant.....
Here is the purple elephant!
Taking a break for a picnic lunch.
Checking out the Bison.
Chillin' with his upside down sunglasses : )
Now it is time to help Daddy mow. He is such a busy little boy!
Hope you all are enjoying your spring time & making the best of it!
I know that we are here in Ohio.

Friday, April 24, 2009

What a great week!

It has been a great week here. Cameron has just been full of so much love and has shared it to the fullest extent. The other night he was sitting on my lap and leaned up to kiss me. He kissed me several times and then grabbed me on each cheek and started giving me Eskimo kisses! WOW - I have been so blessed to have such an angel in my life. I guess that is why I gave him the nickname "Angelbug" when he was born. He is indeed Mommy's Little Angelbug and I love him dearly!
Here is a picture that I took of him today. Isn't this just the cutest little outfit? Shawn's cousin gave us quite a bit of clothes and some shoes and well we tried some of them out today. He looked so cute in this shirt with the bright orange shorts. What a cutie pie.
Here he is coming down the steps after nap time. He is just getting so big and he loves being independent. Of course Mommy would love for him to ask for help, but that would definitely be way to much to ask for (lol). Ah, I guess it will be ok. I have to come to realization that he isn't a baby anymore. My little boy is growing up.
Here is another little outfit that we got from Shawn's cousin. Isn't it a cute jogging suit. We love the colors, but then again they are OSU colors so any true Buckeye would have to love them - right? Well, we love the little jacket.
Here is my little man this evening before bed. He really enjoys getting up on Daddy's chair and chilling right before bed. He was busy watching Yo Gabba Gabba so I was surprised that he looked at me and gave me a smile. I guess perhaps it was because I was acting like Gabba Gabba (lol). A guess a Momma has to do about anything in order to get a smile. Isn't he just too precious in his Mickey jammies? These jammies are from his Mawma and he loves them. Thanks Mom! Cameron loves them.
Well, the weather was 86 degrees here today in Ohio and absolutely beautiful. It is suppose to be the same for tomorrow as well. We plan on taking Cameron to the zoo and then we are off to our friends house for a cookout and some games. It should be lots of fun! We enjoy spending time with them and well Cameron loves playing with Baby Sean so I am sure it will be a fun time. Cameron loves playing with his friends. Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cameron sings his ABC's and the ABC song

Let me first of all start by telling you all how proud I am of my son. Cameron is so smart. I mean he picks things up so quickly and it amazes me. He knows his numbers, letters, colors, songs and know he knows his ABC's and the ABC song to go along with it. My husband is working on teaching him Spanish since he is a Spanish teacher and he is even picking that up fast as well. I just can't get over how smart little ones can be. Anyway, he spent the day with Shawn's parents yesterday and he came home singing his ABC's. I was literally amazed and in awe that he isn't even 2 1/2 yet and he knows his ABC's. Yep, I am one proud Momma. Do you see that big smile on my face? Yep, that is because I am so proud of my little man. He is going to be a smartie in school which is a good thing. All I want is for him to be the best that he can be and to be happy and well as you can see..... he is already aiming for that! Take a look at my cutie pie! At the end - he says "Tell me what you think of me" and every time he sings it, he switches it out. He takes turn saying "I think you're wonderful" or in this case he says "I think you're marvelous". It is too cute and he really does have the sweetest voice!! ENJOY.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stunt Man's Super Slide

We purchased this slide for Cameron for Easter. Well, it was the best $25.00 we have ever spent. Cameron uses this slide daily and he is always doing stunts on it and of course making Mommy nervous. I have calmed down quite a bit, but there are still times I gasp for air because of the nervousness that I am experiencing, but I am starting to get use to the stunts that he performs on the slide on a daily basis. The slide that we have in the backyard is a different story!! I am not sure that I will ever get use to him being so little and being up so high. I guess you have to protect your children for as long as you can - right!?! Here are a few pictures of Cameron's latest stunts.
What a cutie pie!! I love that little boy so much!!!!
Oh yes, did you notice his feet are up in the back? He takes turns lifting his feet and then his hands. I just hope that he doesn't do this outside on the slide in the backyard...... oh, I will really be a nervous wreck! Hmmm, maybe I will have to invest in a bike helmet, elbow and knee pads this year (lol).
Gotta love that smile that he is displaying. He is so proud of making Mommy nervous (hahaha)
I really don't have a clue what he is doing here, but he just cracks me up.
This age is so much fun!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday & Easter Egg Hunts

Yesterday was a busy day. We got up early and headed off to church for Easter Sunday service. After we left there, we headed home to put some cheesy potatoes in the oven and then we were off to Shawn's grandparents for a family gathering. It was a bit chilly, but we were still able to participate in a few Easter egg hunts. Here are some pictures from Saturday's Easter egg hunt.

Here is Cameron checking out all of the eggs that he found. He was so excited and well we had to later hide them again because he wanted to find them again. It was so cute!! He loved it.
Here is a picture of Cameron on Easter Sunday. Doesn't he look too cute in his Easter shirt? I loved the shirt and thought it was full of lots of bright colors.... perfect for Easter & Spring!!

Getting ready for another Easter egg hunt.

Look Mommy - Blue and Green Grass!
What a great past couple days that we spent with my parents and Shawn's family.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter With Mawma & Pawpa

We left on Thursday and headed to my parents for a visit. Cameron loves both sets of grandparents tremendously, but it is always so special seeing him interact with your own parents. Anyway, we decided to color Easter eggs and it was alot of fun had by all. My Mom said that she hasn't colored Easter eggs for sometime so she really enjoyed it and spent most of her time coloring the eggs a bright red. I tried to go for a purple, but the colors were more of a blue then a purple. Cameron loved the orange and the yellow eggs, but he HAD to have a white egg in there somewhere. It was so cute and he LOVED it. Here is a Cameron and I coloring an egg blue.
Cameron and Daddy loved this bright color. Cameron was clapping with such excitement over the bright turquoise egg. He kept saying "More More". It was just so cute.
Here is Cameron with Mawma showing off his yellow egg. He was just so proud of his eggs.
Pawpa and Cameron checking out all the pretty colors.
Cameron is such a loved little boy, but Mawma is loved BIG bunches by Cameron. I don't think he let my Mom out of his site. He followed her everywhere and here he is helping Mawma fix coffee this morning. I love the look on both of their faces. Definitely a precious moment that I was able to capture.
Well, that is it for tonight. Hope you all have a blessed Easter!! As Cameron would say "Happy Easter Egg Day".

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bringing the Outside.... Indoors

Well, we aren't really bringing the outside indoors, but that is what it seems like. We got out Cameron's baby swing the other evening for the little baby that I babysit for during the week. Well, Cameron saw that it was a swing and he knew he had to try it out. Shawn said "no" at first, but I thought that he wasn't to terribly heavy so we let him swing in it for a little while. Well, now he wants to swing in it all the time (lol). I guess that since the weather has been a bit cold for us to go out and play that it won't hurt for him to swing for a couple days. We also gave him part of his Easter gift early.
I can't believe that he use to swing in that as a baby and now his feet almost touch the floor. WOW - where has my little boy disappeared to? He is getting so big so fast!!
Here is part of Cameron's Easter gift. Of course it couldn't fit in his basket and since it has been a bit chilly we decided to allow him to enjoy it indoors. Well, he has gone non-stop with this slide. We picked it up at Wal-Mart last night and he is now what you would call a stunt man with it. He was up on top of it last night and decides that he is going to try running down it. Well, me being the worrisome Mom that I am, just about flipped out!! He is now going down it on his belly, head first and well he climbs up it too. He just makes me nervous and I can't imagine what this summer is going to be like when he is out in the backyard on the BIG swing set with the BIG slide. Oh yes, you myswell just knock me out now (lol).

Gotta love that smile - huh? AND you gotta hate the mess of my house!! Oh, my house needs cleaned and de-clutterized in the worst way. Gotta love how I make up my own words - huh? Yep, that is my new word of the (lol). I love it!! Well, it is suppose to warm up over the next couple days so hopefully we can get outside and play. Is SPRING ever going to get here? Are we going to have warm days tomorrow and snow and cold temps the next? I just want the warm temps and sunny days to come and stay!! Is anyone else with me on that?