Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~ Spring Time ~

Hope you all have been receiving the same beautiful weather like we have.  It has been absolutely beautiful here in Ohio and I have really been taking advantage of it.  The temps have been in the 80’s with a slight breeze and absolutely perfect!!  I went out the other day and bought some paint for my doors as well as for my trim around the doors.  I painted my front door, back door and the door that goes into our detached garage.  WOW, what a little paint can do for a door is amazing!!  I still need to work on the trim around the outside of the doors, but it is looking alot better!!  I also took advantage of the beautiful weather and worked on my day lily flower bed.  All of my beds need weeding so I am doing a little here and there with hopes of having them ready for new dirt, mulch and bricks this summer.  So, I guess I will just keep plugging along with those.

Did you all have an enjoyable Easter?  We had a nice time and I thought I would post a couple pictures of Cameron while hunting for Easter eggs and playing outside.  Enjoy them!



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Speaking of Cameron….. we were very lucky with what happened to him the other week.  We were in the process of re-finishing the master bedroom and moving the toy room upstairs.  Well, Cameron is such a BOY and he makes me soooooo nervous sometimes!!  Well, he decided that while we were sitting downstairs taking a quick break that he was going to check out him play room.  He did just that and more.  Yep, the next thing we hear is bang, bang, bang coming all the way down the steps.  He decided that he was going to ride his hippity hop that we got him for Christmas down the steps.  He went tumbling down 13 steps and luckily did not hurt anything or break any bones.  I guess you could say that the Dear Lord was watching over him.  He hasn’t been giving that hippity hop much thought lately (lol).

Alot of you have inquired about Qbert and how he is doing with Cameron.  He is doing wonderfully and I must say that he is really a GREAT dog.  I grew up with schnauzers so I really didn’t have any doubt that he would be great, but he is super with Cameron and just the most loving little guy.  Cameron and Qbert play soccer in the backyard….. Cameron will kick the ball and then Qbert takes over and pushes it all over the back yard with his nose while barking at it.  It is really funny and too cute!!  Qbert also likes to follow Cameron up the slide and that in itself is really cute!  Anyway, here are some pictures of the ever so funny and cute Qbert.

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Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  The temperatures are suppose to drop tomorrow to the 50’s and then warm back up this weekend.  So, I have some signs and game-boards to work on and a few other things.  If you all have been following me long enough then you know how I love to stay busy.

Until Next Time ~ Lisa