Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pay it Forward - Check it Out!

I have yet to win one, but I thought I would try again!! My motta is never give up so here we go again! My good friend and fellow OSU Buckeye - Kelly @ Close to Home is having a pay it forward contest. If you win then she will ship a goodie box to your door and well I am sure it will be great, but I don't want you to head over there and sign up because I want my chances to be bigger and better for me to win (hahahaha). Ok, ok, I will be a good sport, but if you win then you gotta share the goods (lol). Ok, just go check it out and good luck! Gotta love a game where people pay it forward and well it is the gift that just keeps on giving. Thanks Kelly for having such a fun contest......now go pick out my name out of the hat : )


Kelly said...

I will do my best Lisa. Actually it will probably be C drawing the name. :)
Right now your chances are GREAT, not many have participated. :)
Good Luck!!!

Elaine said...

Oh I hope you win. If not, watch out cause Beth E should be having one soon....I think my hubby is out buying fireproof as we speak.


He And Me + 3 said...

Best of luck girl!

Stacey said...

Wow! That sounds so wonderful! I really hope that you win. And, by the looks of things, Kelly said that your chances are really good. :) Hopefully C will pull this one out of the hat for you. (lol)

Love and hugs,