Saturday, January 3, 2009

OH - I Can't Wait!!

My Mom was here around Christmas time and noticed that I was in desperate need of a haircut. Well, since we are low on money and I had my surgery, my hair has grown out quite a bit to say the least. I normally wear my hair short and well it is just above my shoulders so that should tell you that I am in need of a MAJOR cut. Well, I was talking to my Mom the other night and she must have thought that my hair looked pretty bad because she offered to pay for me to get my hair done. Oh, bless her heart!! I am so excited. I scheduled my appointment tonight and told my hairdresser that I want the works. I want a full overhaul. Oh, I just can't hardly wait to get my hair cut, colored, some highlights and to have my eyebrows waxed.
OH GIRLS, let's talk about my eyebrows for a moment. Do you all know who Andy Rooney is on 60 minutes? Well, I don't ever watch 60 minutes unless I am getting ready to watch something else after that, but I must admit that I never miss Andy Rooney and his eyebrows. I mean his eyebrows are just so out of shape that it is unbelievable. I sit in my recliner and try my best to listen to what he has to say at the end of his show, but I can't get my mind or eyes off of his eyebrows. Anyway, back to my eyebrows.... they are in desperate need of a wax job and are really starting to look as bad if not worse then Andy Rooney's, but that will all be taken care of come Tuesday. Another great thing is that she is coloring my hair all over and adding a few highlights to the front close to my face. That is definitely a good thing because my gray hairs are really starting to shine through. I never realized I was so gray until just recently. The last time I was in getting my hair done, I decided to go back to my normal color. I thought that if I went back to my normal color then it would be easier for me to keep up with it and not have to get it done so frequently and that way I could save more money. Well, now that I went back to my normal color which is pretty close to black or a dark dark brown - you can really see the gray shining through. Oh, I was combing my hair out after my shower the other day and thought I had lint in my hair or something that shouldn't belong in my hair.... I stood there FOREVER trying to get it out, even asked my hubby to get it out and he told me that there wasn't anything in there to get out. I asked him what the white stuff was that I was seeing and he snickered and said "Uh honey, that is called gray hair." Oh my goodness, I bent over and looked closer in the mirror and indeed he was right. I had gray hair everywhere and that is when I realized that I needed to stay on top of coloring it or start wearing a hat (lol). Yep, I am thrilled to be getting it colored and I can hardly wait to be get that MAJOR overhaul that I am in desperate need of. So, next time you all see a picture of me, I will hopefully look ALOT better and probably feel like a new and improved woman - WOOHOO, I think this is just what the doctor ordered for me. Nothing like getting your hair done and it making you feel so good about yourself and truly that is just what I need.
It is funny because before you have a child, you go from doing everything for yourself and then when you have a child you do everything for your child and never think about yourself. Ah, it will just be such a nice treat to have my hair cut, colored and my eyebrows done. I can't wait!! I am so excited!!


He And Me + 3 said...

I am so jealous...have fun. It is nice to be pampered.

Grace said...

So Lisa... I so get the getting the do done to help... thank goodness for moms.. right? Oh... and besides the white stuff in the mirror... I had to copy the post and paste it into msWord and blow it up... so I could read it... LOL
Yep... something else I found when I found the white in the mirror... those 'over 40 eyes' as my sister calls them... LOL
Have FUN on Tuesday!

Stacey said...

YEAH! I am so happy for you! Getting pampered and your hair cut and colored will be so awesome! I too love to get my haircut, just makes me feel a little new and fresh. You so deserve this and I can't think of a better person who needs pampered and cared for since she does such a marvelous job caring for her son, husband and home. Have loads of fun and enjoy it. :)

Love and hugs,
Stacey :)

OH~not to worry about the gray, just think of me as a snowball on top. My hair will be snow white after all is changed. Jinkies! What a sight in the mirror! (lol) And you want to talk about eye brows, I may look like Einstein!!! um - yea, maybe I'll consider waxing too. (hahaha)

Kimber said...

Sounds like a wonderful treat from your Mom. Mom's are definitely the best.

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh so much fun! I just had my hair done last Wed and L.O.V.E. it! I got it cut, colored and styled by another coaches wife! Ryan thinks it is too dard, but I like it just fine! Have fun and go crazy! What a great mom! Mom's are the best! Can't wait to see the new do!

Aspiemom said...

Amen and amen to doing the things for your kids/family and not for yourself. Because of our finance stresses I stopped getting my hair professionally highlighted and started doing it myself once again. But it looks so brassy and horrible when I use the OTC stuff.

I go for a much needed cut Tues., just before I get my PICC and IV's. When my PICC comes out I'm splurging on professional highlighting because it makes the world of difference!

I know what you mean. You get so tired of looking dumpy and yucky.

Have fun with your makeover!

Kelly said...

Yay for you. I can not wait to see. Be sure to post us a before and after pic. :)
I love having someone do my hair, it is relaxing.

Candi B. said...

cant wait to see pics of your new do!

Elaine said...

Moms are the best.