Monday, September 29, 2008

Cameron and his dancing boots

So, Cameron got some new boots from his grandparents this weekend for our camping trip that is coming up. Well, since he received the boots, he hasn't wanted to take them off. I caught him dancing in them last night as Daddy was singing the "hot dog dance" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Anyway, I thought his dancing would bring a smile to your face and start off your week on just the right foot and if that didn't do it then my husband's singing would. Have a great week everyone!! Enjoy my cutie patootie in his boots.....he is just too stinkin cute.

NOT ME! Mondays

Welcome to yet another wonderful week of "NOT ME!" Monday which I am a proud participant of after reading the great idea from Mck mama on

You gotta check out her site and read some other pretty hilarious posts from other Momma's. After reading some of their posts..... I guess I sometimes don't feel too terribly bad, embarrassed or abnormal. Well, here goes nothing.

1) I did not get caught up on ALL of the laundry before the weekend arrived - Nope, Not Me! That would just not be "Lisa Like" at all.

2) I did not have to wash 2 loads of laundry a 2nd time because I forgot to take them out of the washer and put them into the dryer after they sat all night long - Nope, Not Me!

3) I did not give my child cookies for breakfast yesterday morning because I was in a hurry - Nope, Not Me

4) I did not throw an outfit into the dryer to get the wrinkles out so I wouldn't have to iron - Nope, Not Me

5) I did not eat fast food all weekend because I didn't feel like cooking - Nope, Not Me

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My weekend

Well, my weekend has been pretty decent. We had a family gathering yesterday which was lots of fun. Shawn's aunt and uncle live out in the country and we had the gathering at their house. His family is rather large compared to my family so, there is always plenty of people to mingle with and tons of kids running around playing with one another so that is always nice as well. We had a cornhole match and everyone had a partner. I was matched up with my MIL which was actually pretty funny because we both are just awful at playing cornhole and my hubby was matched up with a cousins kid and she is probably about 13 years old. Well, to say the least my MIL and I were out on the first round because we were so awful and my husband actually won. He won $20.00 which was great because we can now use that money to buy diapers and wipes for Cameron so we were happy about that. Shortly after the cornhole games were over we went on a hayride and well Cameron loved and so did I. I was born and raised in the city so when I get out into the country, I just love it. I really enjoy the country life and often think about moving out away from the city a little bit, but I guess that some people would think that I am already out in the country compared to closer to the Columbus area. I guess I just like the quiet life compared to what I use to deal with before I moved out away from the Columbus area. We live in a little town surrounded by cornfields and I like it..... it is rather quiet and it is away from the so called "rat race" that I use to deal with. Anyway, yesterday was lots of fun and the baby shower today was nice as well. I didn't get the chance to go see Nights in Rodanthe, but hopefully I will be able to have a date out soon. My husband and I are coming up on our 5 year anniversary so hopefully I will be able to see it before then (hahaha). Well, I am signing off for now.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Special Saturday

We are off for a family gathering today and we have to take a side dish and a dessert. I decided to take some of Cameron's favorites..... macaroni & cheese and chocolate chip cookies. Well, my husband decided to take Cameron out to play today while I was baking the cookies and I decided it was a tad bit chilly to be outside without a jacket so, I took a jacket out for Cameron. Just as I was walking towards Cameron to put on his jacket I noticed something in his hand. Awww, it was a beautiful bouquet, small enough to fit in his hand of some bright and beautiful dandelions! I must admit that I hate seeing dandelions in our yard, but I was in awe when he gave me the weeds. Do you realize that receiving dandelions as a small bouquet from my son was something that I had wished for a very long time? It was something that I had hoped and dreamed of every month that I couldn't get pregnant along with many other things that were running through my mind. It is strange because when you want something so desperately you think about all of the other things that go along with what you are dreaming of. Every month that I couldn't get pregnant, I knew I was missing out on so much more. I was missing out on feeling that baby move inside me, I was missing out on the wonderful experience of seeing a child be born, I was missing out on that special baby smell, holding and snuggling with them, touching those sweet and precious hands and feet and just being a part of their lives on a day in and day out basis. It is the small things that you long to experience...... the slobbery kisses, the messes on the kitchen floor, the mud being tracked in the back door, the dandelion bouquets, the lightening bugs in the mason jars and all of the other wonderful things that you could experience with a child (in my case a little boy). So, as I sit here and blog and look at my lovely bouquet of weeds, I also remember that I have been blessed beyond belief when I think about all of those small things that your child does for you. You can't hardly get mad at them and to be quite honest, I have learned to relax an awful lot since he was conceived. I enjoy those small things so much, I relax and just pick up the messes and sometimes I may even smile or giggle when I do it, but I just treasure those memories and moments to the fullest. Live to Love those special little gifts from your child and in the long run...... you won't regret it!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


So, if you are looking for something to make you laugh on this Friday morning then do I ever have the story for you.....

The alarm went off this morning and my DH and I rolled our butts out of bed. I got into the shower and my husband came in and said that Cameron was awake so he was going to go up and get him. He came down and changed his diaper and then they both came into the bathroom to say "good morning." I got out of the shower and my husband hopped in right after me. Cameron is out in the bedroom playing on the treadmill and I am drying my hair. Shawn gets out of the shower after I am done drying my hair and Cameron walks in while he is drying off. He proceeds to get into the stuff under the sink and turns around as my husband is walking out of the bathroom to go and get his boxers and Cameron just happens to be right there in front of my husbands business (if you catch my drift). Cameron looks up at his Daddy's face and then back down, waves at my husbands business and says "Hi Winkie" and walks out the door. I was laughing hysterically at this time and couldn't catch my breath. I thought that was so funny!!!! I have always told Cameron not to touch his winkie while I am changing his diaper and I guess he finally realized that him and Daddy have the same thing....... A WINKIE!!
So, do you have a Friday funny to share?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tasty Thursday

Have you ever made something that brought back lots of memories for you as a child? Well, I made my late grandma's homemade macaroni and cheese the other night. Talk about a great post!! I remember going to my grandma's as a kid and sitting down for dinner or lunch and her serving up this tasty meal. Well, awhile back I knew that I wanted my Mom to write down recipes that were my favorites and give them as a gift to me in a recipe book. She wrote down a few, but not nearly as many as I would like. Inside the book, was her Mom's homemade macaroni and cheese recipe so, I decided to try it. Ahhhh, I sat down to enjoy a whole plate full of macaroni and cheese and it literally brought tears to my eyes. I wasn't sure that the sauce was going to turn out right because it took some time for the cheese to melt, but when it all melted and I gave it a taste..... WOW, it brought back so many GREAT memories of spending time with my grandparents. Something that I miss terribly. I always had a small family to begin with, but when you lose your grandparents, you tend to lose the core of a family or at least that is my thoughts. I have lost both sets of my grandparents and I often think to myself what I wouldn't give for one day with them again. It is a shame that when you are younger, you take so much for granted. You
have either grown up and decided to start a family or you have a family and "THEN" you think about all of the things that you should have or would have asked your grandparents. So, today I ask that if you are reading this post and it strikes something inside you....... then I encourage you to ask you grandma or grandpa that certain question, ask them about that recipe and be sure to make a note because you never know when they might leave and when you might end up empty handed without any answers. Enjoy the time you have and cherish every moment as if it were your last. Until then I ask that you look at that big pan of macaroni & cheese and let your mouth begin to water (hahahaha). Seriously, I would be willing to share the recipe with anyone that is interested!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dress Rehearsal

Well, we received Cameron's Halloween costume in the mail today and he looks too stinkin' cute in it. I of course couldn't wait to see him in it so, we had to try it on. He of course looks too cute as Mickey Mouse and he LOVES it. He didn't want to take the costume off. So, we decided to take a couple pictures of him and here he is....... The Cutest Mickey Mouse in the Universe!!
Yep, I think I made the correct decision in having him be Mickey Mouse and who cares if I ended up with 2 costumes or not (hahaha). I am just hoping that he doesn't grow much before Halloween time because it could end up being too snug if that is the case.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cameron's newest thing & chocolate milk

So, today has been quite a day and last night was even more crazy. Cameron woke up at 3:30 screaming bloody murder......don't have a clue as to why, but he did. My husband went in to get him and there he slept in between us for the rest of the night until 6:30 when we got up. Well, I am not sure if this is true, but I was told by my mother in-law that chocolate milk can cause nightmares in children. Well, Cameron hasn't been wanting to drink milk anymore. All he wants is juice, juice, juice!! So, I decided to add a little chocolate syrup to his white milk and he drank it. I was so excited, but now I am wondering if the statement of chocolate milk causing nightmares is true. So, have any of you Mom's experienced this to be true?

Anyway, on the Cameron's newest thing which I find to be so funny and cute. I was getting ready to put Cameron down for a nap and asked him "Cameron, are you ready for your nap?" and he looked at me, wrinkled his eyebrows and said "Huh Uh, Nope". You would really have to be here to see it, but it truly was the cutest thing ever!! I guess with him being at the cute age of 20 months, he is just doing so much more, things that are cute and just melt your heart. Yep, you just wanna squeeze him and give him tons of kisses!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Decision Has Been Made

Well, the decision has been made...... Cameron will be Mickey Mouse for Halloween. I found a cute Mickey costume on E-Bay and actually bid on 2 of them thinking for sure that I wouldn't get one of them and low and behold I now have 2 costumes that look just alike (hahaha). Oh well, I will just try to re-sell one on e-bay when I receive them both this week. It was funny because before yesterday I couldn't win one for the life of me and now I have 2 costumes, the same size and only 1 kid. Oh well, it is things like that which make you laugh and of course make for some good conversation between my hubby and I. So, once they both are delivered I will take a look at them and decide which one is in better shape and keep that one and sell the other. Cameron will just be TOO EXCITED to see the Mickey Mouse costumes when they arrive and I will be excited as well. I guess I am just happy that I finally won a costume especially a Mickey one. So, what are your little ones going to be for Halloween?

Not Me Monday

I follow a couple blogs on a day in and day out basis and noticed that one blog that I follow was starting something quite interesting and I decided to take a part in it. MCK mama has a GREAT blog with 3 beautiful children and another little boy due in October that could really use lots of prayers!!

Basically "NOT ME! MONDAY" is a blog that I will post on a weekly basis to share some interesting and possibly funny not me! facts about myself. So, let's get started......shall we?

1) I did not clean the bathrooms the other day in the nude because I was hot and didn't want my clothes to smell like chemicals all day long (Nope, Not Me!)
2) I did not tell me son that there was no more fruit snacks just so I could have the last bag (Nope, Not Me!)
3) I did not tell me hubby that I wasn't feeling good just so he would fix dinner (Nope, Not Me)
4) I did not eat a whole bag of TGIF's mozarella cheese stick snacks yesterday after AF came for a visit....those things are so addicitng (Nope, Not Me)
Hmmm, I can't believe I just shared some of those with all of you..... Have fun with this and be sure to check out MCK mama's website.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chocolate Ice Cream Kisses (gotta love them)

Don't you just love any type of kisses from your child? Well, we took Cameron to get some ice cream the other day and he had chocolate ice cream all over his face..... he leaned over and gave me a kiss and I just loved it. Of course I didn't care for the messiness of it, but it was just because it was sweet of him to do that and those are moments that I cherish every single day of my life. Those are moments that I waited on for such a very long time and I will never take any of that for granted. So, here is to all of those messy and slobbery kisses (Bring Them On).
Mommy Loves Them!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Young's Dairy Petting Zoo Visit

This past weekend before the windstorm we decided to take Cameron to the petting zoo. I told him that if he was a good boy and if he laid down to take a nap then I would take him to see the cows and sheep. Well, he loves all of the farm animals because he sees them on Mickey Mouse so he was pretty excited to go. Well, we got to Youngs Dairy which is full of dairy cows, other farms animals, wagon rides, putt putt and they even make their own ice cream there which was my favorite part!! Shawn took Cameron on the moovers and shakers ride which reminds me of a wagon ride, but a little bit different. It is made out of mostly barrels and they are all put on wheels and attached together and pulled by a golf cart. Pretty neat and Cameron had a ball, but after seeing my hubby on there with Cameron...... well, it was just too funny to see. Cameron saw the farm animals and LOVED the cows the most. The sheep all started making their noises and it totally freaked Cameron out. They also had tractors there and he enjoyed climbing those. His favorite part was the ice cream cone afterwards....... Yep, he is definitely my kid. He loves ice cream!! Well, I took a few pics and here they are for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Storm Damage - Remnants of Ike

Well, we had a bad wind storm here yesterday that caused alot of damage throughout Ohio. They said that we had 75 mph winds and I believe it. We had trees down everywhere, damage down to homes and power was off and is still off in other areas here in Ohio. They say that in some areas of Ohio that the power won't be back on for about 2 weeks. I am thankful to say that we did not have any damage done to our home and luckily the power came back on before our food had a chance to go bad. I took some pictures of some of the damage that was done and here they are. Hope everyone else is doing ok and everyone is safe.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Do you ever stop and think

Do you ever stop and think about all of the wonderful blessings that God gives us each and every day? I woke up this morning to a beautiful little boy smiling back at me, the sound of rain falling on the roof of the house and the sound of my husband snoring. Hmm, is the snoring really a blessing? I think I will have to think about that one (lol). Anyway, I knew that it was suppose to rain here in Ohio all day today and pretty much all weekend, but I don't mind. It will give my yard and flowers a much needed drink. It will more importantly give me the excuse to just stay home and enjoy some one on one time with Cameron. I love sunny days, but I also love the rainy days as well.

I was visiting a site this morning......another blog that totally touched my heart and soul. It was of a family that lost a child shortly after birth. It was sad to read the story, but if you think about all of the little ones that families lose and sit back and think about what heaven is like.... WOW, can you imagine what a beautiful place that is? Heaven is full of our loved ones - Big & Small. I sit here and think about my grandparents that I lost and then I think of our little baby that we lost back in 2004. My grandparents are probably having so much fun with that little one. It was difficult to lose that child that we had been praying for, but I am a firm believer that time heals all wounds and I believe that they are all up in heaven preparing a wonderful place for us. We may not understand why we lose our loved ones, but God has a plan and his plan is so much greater then ours. I have grown to understand that over the years. Oh trust me, I didn't realize that back in February 2004 when I went in for emergency surgery and our child was taken from us. Things change in a blink of an eye. You may have that special someone with you one day and the next they are gone and you can't seem to understand why. God will give you the strength to go on and in time you will heal and hopefully understand. I now know or at least I think I understand why we lost our child in 2004. Perhaps God just needed another little angel to help make heaven a brighter and more beautiful place.....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finding Time for Yourself

Well, I finally found some time to get my hair done and wax my eyebrows. I totally couldn't remember the last time I took time for myself and got my hair done. My hair was growing out so much and my roots were in desperate need of a color job. My eyebrows looked like Andy Rooney's (ok, maybe not that bad), but they were pretty awful looking. Anyway, I was just happy to be able to do something for myself. I got it colored and it is pretty much back to my normal/regular color. It is ALOT darker.... darker then what I am use to, but with me being a SAHM, I don't have the extra money to get my hair colored/highlighted as frequently as what I use to. I guess that is the price I pay when I stay at home, but I am NOT complaining at all. I would do it all over again just to stay home with Cameron. Here is a picture....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What to be for Halloween - That is the question!!

So, we are trying to decide on what Cameron should be for Halloween this year. Last year he was a yellow duck and a VERY CUTE yellow duck at that. This year we are trying to decide on a few things, but haven't made a decision yet and time is slowly running out.

Our options are the following......
1) Cow 2) Monkey 3) Lamb/Sheep 4) Elephant
5) Mickey Mouse

He likes all of these, but he tends to like the first 4 because they are all on Mickey Mouse. So, what are your thoughts? Give me some ideas or vote on what you think would be the cutest.

~ Here is a picture of him last year ~ Cute - huh?

Cameron is now 20 months

It is a rainy day here in Ohio. We need the rain so desperately. The grass is brown and is so ugly looking when normally it is plush, green and great for walking on. Cameron turned 20 months on September 6th. WOW, where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday when I was getting ready to go into the hospital to have him and now he is growing like there is no tomorrow. It is great seeing him learn and I am so very proud of him for everything that he knows when it comes to colors, numbers and well he talks so much and it all makes sense. He is really a smart boy!! It is funny when you think about it because a part of you is happy that he is growing and learning, but then a part of you still longs for those days when you could just lay him on your chest and snuggle all day or evening. Cameron is such a loveable little guy and don't get me wrong (he still snuggles) which I totally love and cherish, but one of these days we won't be able to do that anymore and it is sad.

I never really knew what my parents were talking about or how they felt when I moved out or came for a visit and then had to leave, but now I realize everything. I think to myself that I am not sure I will ever be able to let him go out on his first date, play sports, move out or get married. Ugh, it makes my heart ache just thinking about it. You don't want him to play sports because you are so afraid that he will get hurt and you never want to see that. You hate for him to go out on his first date because you hate to see him get hurt if it doesn't work out and well you hate to see him move out and get married because then he won't be around that much anymore. Hmmm, I guess it is a good thing that he is only 20 months and I still have time yet (hahahaha). My biggest wish is that he continues to be happy, finds love and is loved unconditionally. I just want what is best for my little guy. Who doesn't want that for their little one - right?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Finally dealing with Reality

Well, I think that I have finally accepted the fact that I might not get pregnant again or at least not right now. I have REALLY enjoyed not being on Clomid and to be honest it is nice not having a schedule as to when you need to have sex. I have more importantly enjoyed getting back to "who I am" which is really nice. Those fertility drugs can really do a doozy on you! It is strange, but I feel as though I have peace in my decision to stop trying to have Baby #2. If it happens later on down the road then that is perfectly fine with us. We are just enjoying giving all of our attention to Cameron and that is so much fun. Oh heck, perhaps we are only meant to have one child and Cameron fills our hearts and lives with so much joy and love that we are overwhelmed and so blessed every day. Shawn and I sit here and think to ourselves.... "How in the world did we ever live our lives without Cameron." You find yourself asking so many questions like that and then you think that you don't know how you ever did it, but glad you don't have to do it again. I now know and realize that not having Baby #2 isn't that difficult for me because I have Cameron. You could just spend a few minutes with Cameron and realize what I am saying. He is just so much fun and to be honest..... I don't think that there is ever a day that goes by that he doesn't smile all day long. He is the happiest little boy that I have ever known. I prayed before he was born and just asked God to bless me with a happy and healthy little boy. Indeed I was blessed, but way beyond my imagination. I will end my post today on a special little story to share with you.....

Last night we were sitting on the couch watching none other then Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I was sitting on the end of the couch and Cameron was sitting beside me. Shawn of course was sitting in his chair. As we were watching Mickey Mouse, Cameron decides that he doesn't want to sit next to me anymore, but wants to sit on top of me. Well, of course I don't mind at all. He is growing like a weed anyway and someday soon we won't be able to do that anymore. Anyway, he hops onto my lap and decides that he wants to lean back on my chest. Then he decides to take my hand and put it on his belly so that I am hugging him. He then tilts his head way back, touches my cheek, looks up at me and says "Love Ew Mommy". Let's talk about melting your heart!! Yep, he totally has me wrapped around all 10 fingers and 10 toes. Yep, I am smitten by his sweetness and love and I couldn't ask for a better relationship with my little boy. We are truly best of buddies. God has given me this most precious child and everday I am able to stay home with him and for that I am thankful to God and to my dear husband Shawn. Could I ask for anything more? Hmmm, I think I am pretty darn happy with the way things are. I am complete, but in so many different ways!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Things NOT TO SAY to couples struggling with INFERTILITY

When you are going through INFERTILTY, you hear many comments from people. Some may be good and some may be bad, but the majority of people out there don't really know what to say to couples going through infertility. Here are some things NOT TO SAY to couples that are struggling with infertility. These are comments that I heard on a regular basis and everytime I heard them, it made it hurt even more.

1) Don't Say "You can always try again next month"
2) Don't Say "Maybe you aren't meant to be parents"
3) Don't Say "Just Relax or take a vacation"
4) Don't Say "Try not to think about it"
5) Don't Say "You are still young and have plenty of time to have children"
6) Don't Say "You should try standing on your head after sex"
7) Don't Say "You must be having fun trying"
8) Don't Say "You should just adopt, then you will get pregnant"
9) Don't Say "Try losing some weight and then you will get pregnant"
10) Don't Say "You can borrow one of my kids"
11) Don't Say "Things could be worse"
12) Don't Say "If it is meant to be then it will happen"
13) Don't Say "Just enjoy this time without kids"
14) Don't Say "Maybe it's not in God's Plan
15) Don't Say "You're trying to hard"
16) Don't Say "Maybe you should eat healthier and exercise"
17) Don't Say "Perhaps you could be a foster parent"
18) Don't Say "Try Drinking More Water"

Secondary Infertility

It is funny to hear someone say "Once you have been pregnant you should be able to get pregnant again right away." Well, that isn't the case with me. Most people believe that once you've had one child, you've proven yourself to be fertile and therefore will have no problems conceiving again in the future. Unfortunately, this is not true. Secondary infertility is a very common problem. Secondary infertility accounts for more then 60% of infertility cases which when you think about it, it is very sad to hear. You would think that since I have been pregnant 2 times previously that I wouldn't have any problems getting pregnant again. I should be fertile myrtle - right? Well, unfortunately that is not the case with me. We lost a child in 2004 due to an ectopic pregnancy and that is when all of my infertility problems started. We were so blessed after we got pregnant through IVF and our son was born on January 6, 2007, but I still to this day experience the heartache of infertility. Dealing with infertility is very hard for me. I see myself as failing in this area of my life and it breaks my heart. Getting pregnant shouldn't be this hard, but it still continues to be a battle with me and it isn't a battle that I can win. I was so hoping and praying that once I had Cameron that it would be simple for me to conceive again, but I had a feeling deep down that if I got pregnant through IVF then that would be the only way we could conceive again. Well, it looks like I was right in my assumption.

When you are younger all you really think about is getting married and having children. I remember playing with my dolls as a young girl and pretending as though I was the perfect Mommy. It was something that I always knew I wanted. I was the girl that loved babysitting as a teenager. I truly loved kids and still to this day enjoy being around children. I guess there is just something inside me that has always wanted to be a Mom. You look at your parents and in my house growing up, I always had a sister to play with. We may not have been the best of buddies, but we still had one another to play with and that is what sticks out in my mind. I would love for Cameron to have a brother or sister. I see him as being "The Best Big Brother" that anyone could ask for. He is such a sweet and caring little boy and I wish we could give him a brother or sister. After this month we decided not to go with another round of Clomid and when I sit here and think about my decision.... I am so thankful that we decided to go that route. This month has been an awful month for me. My cycle has been so long and my cramping has been awful. Normally, I only experience cramping during the first day or two of my cycle, but not this month. I am now on day 6 of my cycle and I am STILL experiencing cramping which is very unusual for me. I feel like I have been through the ringer this month. I am exhausted, spent and I am so worn out with the cramping that I could scream. I don't recall my cramping being this bad when I was on Clomid before. Hopefully my body will start to unwind soon and get back to normal..... what is normal?

I also want to take a minute to say "Thank you" to all of the gals that have posted comments on my blog or have taken the time to send me an e-mail. It is great to have the support and always great to hear other stories on infertility. When you hear from others (friends or people that have been through infertility themselves) it tends to bring some calmness and peace to your day so THANK YOU AGAIN!! It is always great hearing from others!!