Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why can’t he keep his pants on?

I must say that it has been too long!  I was sick for several weeks with bronchitis and was on several strong meds that made me pretty sick.  I am happy to report that I am feeling much better.  Alot has gone on since my last post.  Where should I begin?!?

Well, my main concern and something that I can’t seem to fix is the fact that my child loves to be naked.  Ok, well let me re-phrase this.  He likes to go without pants on a regular basis.  We check on him before we go to bed and noticed several nights were he strips down to nothing or something just to his bare butt.  WHAT?  Yep, you heard me correctly.  He loves to be without pants.  I walked into his room just yesterday during naptime and find this…




Seriously, can someone please tell my son to keep his pants on?  We have tried on several occasions to cut the feet out of his jammies and turn them around and zip them up the back, but he gets so hot during the night.  What is a Mom to do?  Hmmm, I guess I will just keep thinking while trying to keep his clothes on him.  He is just so rotten and ornery!!

On another note ~ I think the age of 3 is worse then age 2.  Does anyone agree with me?  My son is definitely finding out that he is his own individual and boy oh boy has he been acting out.  He has found that he can act anyway he wants to and throwing tantrums is what he loves to do most right now…..of course next to undressing (lol).  Here he is throwing a fit because he wanted peanut M&M’s for breakfast instead of oatmeal.  The weird thing is that he LOVES oatmeal so that didn’t make much sense to me.  Perhaps he was just testing the waters once again.




Mommy wasn’t about ready to give in and after about 20 minutes of sitting there and screaming that he didn’t want oatmeal… he ate his whole bowl of oatmeal and wanted more.  I guess it is best to just stand your ground and be firm.  In the meantime you are losing all sorts of hair and turning gray (hahahaha).  Gotta love the THREE’s!!

I also wanted to take a moment to say “CONGRATS” to Kami.  Her and her husband just welcomed 2 beautiful little girls into the world.  After years of struggling with infertility and an IVF procedure… she is a proud Momma!!  Congrats once again girl ~ I am so happy and excited for you.  You will be a great Mommy : )

Until Next Time ~ Blessings Always, Lisa

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Three Years Ago Today….

Three years ago today, my little boy was born.  I remember holding him for the very first time, pulling the blanket away from his face to make sure that he was real.  I touched his tiny little hands, rubbed his forehead and took a moment to smell his skin.  I gently kissed his forehead as tears ran down my face and I realized that it was indeed reality and not just a dream.  God had blessed us beyond measure and we were finally given such a great gift, a gift that we had been praying for the longest time.  I know that you all have heard the story before, but I can’t express how happy and grateful I am to have been given the opportunity to be a Mommy.  I am the Mommy to such a beautiful, loving, funny, happy, well behaved boy ever.  He brightens my every day and I am just so thankful.  One thing you must all know about me by now is that FAMILY means the world to me.  I am married to a great man and we were blessed with such a beautiful little miracle.  God has been good to us and we are thankful.  Here are a few pictures to share with you tonight.





Happy Birthday Cameron!! 

Mommy loves you to the moon and back.