Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feeling Better, The Fair and Prayers

Well, I am happy to report that my little man is feeling much better. He is back to his good old normal self and is also back to eating. His fever broke which I am so thankful for. A temperature of 104.7 is just too high and frightening for me. So, I am happy to see that smile back on his face. This picture was taken last night at dinner time. He enjoyed a huge portion of homemade mac & cheese and some of Daddy's famous pork chops. Nothing better then seeing that sweet smile.
I see this sweet smile of Cameron's and I can't help, but to think that MckMama would probably give anything to see sweet Stellan smile and to feel better. Oh how my heart aches for that little sweetheart. A precious and innocent child and he has to go through so much and it really makes my heart ache. I feel for her and the rest of the family. My heart goes out to them and all I can do is pray so that is what I will continue to do. Perhaps you all can join me as well.......if you haven't already.
Shawn's cousin came to visit a couple days ago and brought Cameron a bag of goodies. He was so happy with everything, but he wanted to try out the bumblebee bubble blower last night. He kept pretending it was a whistle, but he loves it. Thanks Stacey & Scott.
After Cameron started feeling better and was back to himself, we decided to take him to the fair. We always enjoy going through all of the animal barns and he enjoys it more and more as he gets older. I even took some pictures for him and of course to share with you. We went through the duck barn and of course as we were trampling through the isles, all he could say was "Quack Quack Quack". It was so cute!! That is what he is doing in this picture.
After the ducks, we made our way to the cows. He of course had to start singing Old McDonald and well his rendition is hilarious. If I can get it on video then I will be sure to post it. He knows all the words and continues to amaze me as to how smart he is and continues to be. He loved the cows!!
We also looked at rabbits........
More rabbits........
and then we headed to the area that had all the food.
Shawn ended up getting a pork chop which was really tasty, Cameron wanted french fries and I ended up getting THE BEST FRIED MUSHROOMS around!! We also bought a lemonade shake-up and some sugar waffles to take home. It was all so tasty and I am sure all so bad for you as well. I guess that is probably why they only have the fair once a year (lol). Well, hope you all are enjoying the summer festivities happening in your area.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lots of Prayers Needed NOW!!

PLEASE keep this sweet boy in your prayers. Stellan is in need of all the prayers that we can send up right now. I have been praying here in Ohio and if you all would just take a moment to say a prayer as well that would be great!!
Prayers for Stellan
Stay Strong Stellan!!
I am praying for you buddy.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Trip to the Emergency Room

I thought our weekend was going along pretty good until yesterday. Friday morning we took Cameron to the zoo and waterpark and he had a great time. We left there and the poor little guy looked worn out. He fell asleep on our way home, but I didn't think anything of it because I just thought he was worn out from a busy day. Well, we got home and probably a couple hours later I noticed that his eyes were real glassy looking and he was getting some dark circles under his eyes. Well, after I noticed his glassy eyes, I felt his forehead only to feel a very warm head and cheeks. I checked his temperature and he indeed had a fever. I gave him Motrin and he ended up sleeping with us Friday evening. He tossed and turned all night and was so restless. Saturday was another crazy day. The morning when he woke up he was fine. No fever and appeared to be acting like his normal jovial self. Well, we decided to go out for a little trip in the am and around 12:30 he spiked another fever. I gave him Motrin and then around 6:30 he spike another fever. I contacted our doctors office and we ended up taking him to the Emergency Room. They asked us numerous questions.......does he have diarrhea? Sore throat? Runny Nose? Cough? Well, no he didn't have any of that and he was still using the restroom too so after a strep test, checking his lungs and ears, they sent us home telling us that it was probably a viral infection. I thought to myself that with a fever of 104.7 that he must have had something more wrong with him and I was literally freaking out. We were told to allow for plenty of rest, give him plenty of liquids and to alternate Mortin and Tylenol so that is where we stand this morning. No temperature as of yet, but seeing as though that fever rears it's ugly head in the afternoon.........well, I am just hoping it stays away. Oh, Cameron just gets so hot, worn out and I feel so bad for my little man. I hate that I am not able to do anything more for him then to snuggle and love on him. Hopefully he starts feeling better soon.
This has been him so far this morning. He has been just laying around and not doing much of anything. No appetite, but I was able to get him to eat some applesauce. This kid LOVES applesauce!! So, we are just hoping that fever stays away and he gets some rest today.
I almost wish that they were able to give him some antibiotic to help him. They said that this could last up to 4-5 days. Poor little guy. It is so hard at this age because he can't really tell you what hurts. Well, I am off to get Cameron some more juice and see if he will eat a little more.
Dr. Mommy is coming!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Busy Week, Busy Weekend, Busy Times

I am not sure if you all remember or not, but a couple months ago I re-finished my kitchen cabinets. I just recently decided to make myself some new countertops. Yep, you heard me correctly - I made my very own wood countertops. I love decorating with primitives and antiques and after seeing this done in one of my favorite primitive shops..... I decided to ask my FIL for a little help. He showed me the ropes and I took off. Here is what my kitchen looks like now. I stained my wood knobs a Dark Walnut Stain and stained my countertops the same to tie everything in together. Here are a couple pics to share with you.
We also added a new faucet. Something not so cheap, but yet something to add a different look.
I would take breaks here and there while finishing my kitchen countertops and one afternoon while I was sitting on the couch, Cameron hopped up into my chair and watched Wow Wow Wubbzy. Isn't he just the cutest little guy you have ever seen? He is just getting so big - I can't believe it!! It seems like yesterday that I was heading into the hospital to have him or better yet heading to the fertility specialist to create our little miracle.
It was funny because the other day I was finishing getting ready and Cameron comes in with a shirt that Daddy had on the previous day. Well, he wanted to be just like Daddy so he asked me to put Daddy's shirt on him. I gladly obliged and added a few clothes pins to tighten it up here and there. He was so proudly displaying the fact that he could wear Daddy's shirts. Isn't this too cute?!?
I was so happy to rest and relax after I got things done with my kitchen. Cameron came up to snuggle with me and we sat and watched some tv. Oh yes, we always have to have blankie and Horton close by. He has never gotten into Horton Hears a Who, but he loves the stuffed animal and believe it or not....... the only stuffed animal that gets a ticket to get out of the bed is Horton. The other 12 stuffed animals never get to leave......poor friends! Anyway, I just had to share this sweet picture with you. He is getting older and soon these snugly moments will be no more. Hopefully I still have plenty of time, but they are becoming more far and few between which is sad. Just enjoy those cuddly moments more and squeeze them a bit harder because they grow so fast!!
My parents are coming in for a couple days...... I can hardly wait!! Talk to you all in a couple days.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hugs, My Pancake Maker & Some Funny Stories!

This week has been a busy week for me. I am working on my countertops around the clock. Ok, maybe not around the clock, but it certainly seems that way. I am looking forward to getting them done. They are so close which is exciting for me. My DH has been watching Cameron alot which has been so helpful. It allows me to get alot of stuff done - Thank You Honey!! I took this picture of Cameron and my hubby last night. Don't they just look so ornery? Well, they were indeed made out of the same mold - ROTTEN & ORNERY and I love them dearly!!
I pulled weeds the other morning after a good rain. Oh, that is indeed the best time to pull weeds. Anyway, I left my working gloves outside and brought them into the house to put them away. Well, I must have got distracted because I threw them on the floor and forgot to go get them. Next thing I know I hear all this ruckus and go to check on Cameron and this is what he is doing..........
I started laughing. I thought it was too cute that he had my gardening gloves on!! I asked him what he was doing and he looked at me and said "I making pancakes Mommy". Hmmm, not sure I want my pancake maker to be wearing gardening gloves, but I guess that is ok (lol). Oh, I also had to share with you 2 funny stories. Stories that will definitely give you a laugh for the day. We were trying to work with Cameron on potty training - turns out that it isn't working so we will revisit it again in a month or two. Well, Cameron has poopied in his diaper and then started pulling on the butt/leg of the diaper and said "Ewww, I got beans". Seriously, where do these young kids get their little sayings? It was hilarious!! He definitely has me laughing all the time. The next story was when we were "TRYING" to potty train him and he was in the middle of going #2........well, we caught him before he went and he had poopied in the potty. Well, we were so excited, doing a little potty dance and exchanging high fives. Well, Cameron gets off the potty, turns around and looks in the potty and says "Yucky Stinky Beans". Once again - I have NO IDEA where he gets some of these things, but indeed his imagination runs wild 24/7 and he is just so funny! What a fun age!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Beach Ball Fun

I have been busy re-doing my kitchen countertops. You all know how I love my primitive look and after seeing some wood countertops in a primitive store not too long ago, I thought I would give it a try. Well, things are really taking shape. One section is almost complete and another should be almost complete today. I just love how it looks and if you all recall my kitchen cabinet make-over then trust me when I say that they countertops tie in perfectly with the knobs on the doors and drawers. Well, after working on those for a little bit last night, I decided to help DH get out the beach ball sprinkler for Cameron. I thought it was warm enough and what a great way to cool off. Well, he is way into much more then last year. He would run up and then hurry and run back as you can see here. He would squeal really loud and then run for cover. It was hilarious!!
Even Daddy got into the sprinkler too. He thought it would be neat to put Cameron on his shoulders and well Cameron hit the water and about took a nose dive off of Shawn's shoulders. Good thing DH had a hold of him. Geesh, Cameron is such a wild one!! I would've posted more pics, but DH wasn't too fond of me posting them.
Look at that GREAT smile!! Nothing better then hearing a little one laugh with excitement.
We went to enroll Cameron in swim lessons last night, but they didn't have Mommy/Child classes so we are going to have to try something else. I was hoping to find something close to home, but it doesn't look like that is gonna happen. We are also going to attempt Potty Training 101 today, but so far it isn't looking good. He pee'd 3 times within 45 minutes!! How can a child have so much pee in their bladder after they just got done soaking 2 pairs on undies, a pair of socks and shorts. Any suggestions from all you Mom's? Could he just not be ready yet? He turns 3 in January.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Crazy Busy Boy!

I feel like it has been FOREVER since posting to my blog. Things have been crazy and hectic since we got back from the beach. The fireworks were enjoyable, but not as good as the years past. Cameron at first wasn't too sure of them this year, but halfway through he wanted to see more more more. I think he was fine just as long as he was close by to Mommy or Daddy and of course that is fine. I will take all the snuggling I can get!!
The other morning I got up and decided it would be a perfect day to fix Cameron some pancakes. Well, he LOVES chocolate chips so I decided to add a few to the Mickey Mouse head that I made. Uh yeah, I think he spent all the time picking out the chocolate chips and eating those instead of the pancake. Hmmm, lesson learned not to use chocolate chips (lol).
Look at that beautiful chocolate chip smile!! Ah, that beautiful smile warms my heart and makes everything ok. He is such a sweetheart and I am so blessed to have Cameron as my son. I really had no clue how WONDERFUL Motherhood could be and then when Cameron came along....... well, I knew that life couldn't get any better!! I love you my sweet boy.......
We were able to find some sweet corn the other night so we had grilled lemon butter chicken on the grill with some sweet corn. Yep, that is indeed one of my favorite summer time meals. The corn was still a little young, but we enjoyed it and I guess that is all that matters. Cameron LOVES corn on the cob. Yep, he really enjoys eating it like a big boy!
I am so happy that we bought this bean bag chair. We bought it last year and it has indeed been one of those items that he uses all the time!! He loves lounging in it every morning when he wakes up with some dry cereal and enjoys some cartoons. He is really into Dora the Explorer right now. He especially loves Boots and Swipper. Oh - if you could hear his Swipper imitation then you would crack up!! It is so funny......
Not only does he use his bean bag chair for lounging, but he also likes to use it for a soft place to land. Uh yeah, I caught him doing this the other night. He would climb up on his old excersaucer that we have out for the little kid that I babysit for and he stands on top of a ball that he has put in the chair of the excersaucer. Once, he stands on top then he goes FLYING TO THE BEAN BAG CHAIR!!
It literally cracks me up to see what else he comes up with, but I must say that this boy has such the imagination!! Notice that he has his eyes closed and he has lost one sock in the process of jumping (lol). Yep, I would say that if you lost a sock during the jumping process then it is probably a dangerous jump (hahahaha). Did you notice anything about these pictures? Well, Mom is not in them and running to his side. I was sitting in my chair, taking the pictures and shaking my head at the same time. Yep, I couldn't believe that he was trying something new and that he came up with it all on his own. Boys are definitely daring and this little one keeps me on my toes. Good thing that I have learned to relax over the past year!!
I guess I will leave you with this precious smile. Cameron can jump from the chairs, from the couch, jump on our bed and even wake me up in the morning and if he still shows that beautiful smile and those sparkling blue eyes.......well, he knows that he has his Mommy and Daddy wrapped pretty tight! Boys are gonna be boys and at the end of the day I sit and watch him and realize that I love him more and more everyday - even if he is ornery!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday = 100% Cuteness!!