Friday, January 30, 2009

Anyone Need A Tissue?

I was in the kitchen this morning washing up a few dishes and cleaning off my countertops and thought that Cameron was awfully quiet. You know when a child is quiet then you are probably in for some trouble. So, I grabbed the drying towel, dried my hands off and went in to the family room to check on him. Yep, he was in to no good to say the least. He had got the box of tissues out and shredded half the box and was blowing his nose on the other half. I asked him what he was doing and he said "booger." I guess he needed a tissue, but did he need to use the whole box on his tiny nose and why did he have to shred the other tissues? It was pretty cute watching him blow his nose, but geesh louise I don't think he needed a whole box for 1 tiny little booger. So, we are down 1 box of tissues and we have a little boy with one very clean nose (lol). Gotta love him!!


Stacy said...

LOL~ That was too cute! Yep you gotta watch out if they get quite. That's when the trouble starts.

Anna said...

I Love It!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Gotta love it. Too funny, but atleast he got the boogy. We can't have it just hanging around...I'm impressed he grabbed a tissue:)

Kimber said...

How funny. So glad he was using a tissue though instead of a finger.

Stacey said...

Such a smart little man. How cute that he knew that he needed tissues to help him solve his dilemma. :) Well, I guess using the box of tissues is better than finding another place, such as the arm of the couch. (lol) Thankfully he was not into too much exploration, but the good Lord knows that they can start something and finish it as fast as the Daytonna 500. I very much know what it is like to have to go and check on little ones who are being so quiet. That pretty much sounds the alarm bell. :)

What a cute picture. He looks so proud because I am sure that he thought this was just what he was supposed to do. :)

Love and hugs,