Friday, January 23, 2009

Suggestions Needed Regarding Crib

Hi All - I am in need of some suggestions. My son just turned 2 years old as most of you know. I am very lucky that he hasn't tried climbing out of his crib and due to that.... we have decided to just keep him in his crib. He doesn't climb out, he doesn't climb in and when he wakes up, he is very content to just lay in there and play and wait for us to come and get him. My problem is that I went in to get him this morning and he had put his legs between the slats of the crib. I was able to get one leg out, but it took me 10 minutes to get the other out and that wasn't without crying. I have tried to put the bumper pads in, but he just puts his legs on top of the bumper pad and then we have bigger issues to work with then because of the bumper pad. So, do any of you Mom's have suggestions? I know the easiest thing would be to take him out of the crib, but then I would have a little hyper boy that would never want to go to bed plus he would probably fall out of the bed with all the rolling around he does..... he moves so much. I can see him totally rolling over top of the kids rail too. Well, let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


Emily said...

I'm not sure. I haven't had to deal with this yet.

I would probably go ahead and put him in a toddler bed with it as close to the floor as possible. Maybe add a little padding on the floor if he was to fall.. but I really think he would be ok. But again, I don't know what I would do since I haven't had this problem yet.

Brandi,Dan & Lukas said...

I thought the same thing as with Lukas. He moves a TON! I thought that he would fall out of bed a lot. However, he really hasn't. He sometimes is on the other side of the bed ect. I think he might have fallen out once but that was all. It didn't even wake him up.

Lyndsay said...

I don't know about cribs, but the big boy bed is really awesome. Owen did come out, but we just made sure that he knew that was absolutely NOT acceptable. He only came out a few times and now he loves going to bed in his big boy bed and he's never fallen out and he's a definite mover too. He never gets out in the morning he always waits for us to come get him and I think he really enjoys the fact that he's a big boy and gets a bed just like mommy and daddy. He totally surprised us because he loved his crib too, but I just felt like it was time. The first time we tried was no good and we had kept the crib up just in case. After a month or so we tried it again and he had warmed up to it. I bet he'll totally surprise you.

He And Me + 3 said...

At that point we put ours in the toddler bed that was low to the ground with a rail. Sorry not much help.

Kelly said...

C stayed in his crib until he was over 3. He could climb in and out of it, but didn't. (only one time & I was in the room, which is why I knew he could) He ALWAYS put his legs throug the bars, but his never got stuck. So I am not sure about how to fix that if the bumper did not work. Other than trying to talk to him and remind him that it did not feel good to be stuck. (???)
I was against toddler beds and thought we would just convert from the crib to a twin bed, and not use the box spring, so that he was lower to the floor incase he fell. Well he wanted NO part of that and I would find him on the floor, under the bed, in his closet, etc each morning. (yikes) So he went back to his crib (and loved it. he was 2.5yrs) So @ just over 3, I found a fire truck toddler bed (by step2) for dirt cheap @ a sale. (the family was moving to India and did not want to take was 6 months old) You can use the crib mattress with it and after getting it and having it in his room for three days he LOVED it and has slept there ever since. :) And it is IMPOSSIBLE to fall out of. (literally)
If you look for toddler beds (nd hand) they are not expensive at all.
Sorry for the LONG comment. Good luck. Let us know how it goes. :)

Kimber said...

Sounds like he may need to be in a toddler bed for safety.

Stacey said...

Well girl, I think it may be time for him to go to a toddler bed. Since I have not had to do this yet, I can only suggest maybe making it a huge deal for him to go from his baby crib to a big boy bed. Let him help pick it out, as well as pick out the sheets he would like to go on it. I know it may be a pain at first, but after he sleeps in it for a little while, it will become normal for him to stay in it. I think you may feel better since he is not going to be able to get stuck. If you needed to, you could put it up against the wall and put something soft down for him on the floor in case he would happen to come out of it. ~Sorry I couldn't help you any more than this, it looks like the other girls have given you some great tips to use.

Hope you are having a wonderful time in Amish country. :)

Love and hugs,

Jennifer said...

How about putting the crib mattress on the floor until you're comfortable that he won't fall off the bed and he's ready to put it in the toddler bed?

Emily is another one that waits in the bed until we come get her in the mornings. She does call for us (err .. for her daddy .. she's got him wrapped!)

We put her straight from the crib to a twin sized bed and she's never fallen out. (I did put a few pillows on the floor beside the best the first few nights.)

Sorry I'm not more help ...

P.S. I saw that I'm tagged in your previous post! I have a lot of thinking and writing to do!

Grace said...

Sounds like you have a couple of thoughts...
- safety for the crib (his legs getting caught again)
- safety for a bed (falling out)
- issues getting him to go to bed (afraid he won't want to go or stay in bed at bedtime)

I don't remember having a problem with this... we moved DD1 out of crib when she was 15 months old (as DD2 was going to be born before DD1 was 2 yr... and I didn't want DD1 to get jealous of the crib and the new baby). I don't remember what happened with DD2... that was 8+ years ago.

Anyway... thoughts of what to consider... you and your hubby will have to figure out which bed/crib situation you want to go with. Eventually you will have to move him to a bed... right?

So, if you stay with the crib for now - you could get plexiglass cut the size of the crib... and as tall as a foot or so (so his legs can't get above them) and affix them to the inside of the crib somehow (so they don't fall into the crib)... perhaps drill a hole at each corner at the top and put a rope through the hole and tie it off on the rails?

If you move to the bed - there are rails that you can put on the bed (between the box spring and mattress)... I think First Step makes them and I'm sure others do too. You could get the toddler bed (lower to the ground) or the mattress on the floor. BUT.. that doesn't help with the get to bed/stay in bed thing... does it? This is a thing you all will have to fugre out... I think we started with one of us laying down with baby until they fell asleep...

This is an exciting time for you all... I look forward to hearing what you all decide.

Elaine said...

If you are worried, I would get the closest one to the ground you can find. Goose is in a toddler bed, we have one side up againts the wall, that way you only have to deal with rolling one way. This is totally your comfort zone. You have to do what you can live with. I agree with what someone else said though, you make sure he knows he can not get out until Mommy and Daddy say it is time.

Good luck.