Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Shopping Started (check)

Well, my husband was off until 6:30 this evening so, we decided to take advantage of the time we had this morning and throughout the afternoon to get started with Christmas shopping. Well, I am happy to say that we started it and pretty much got everything that we needed or maybe I should say wanted to get Cameron for Christmas. We bought him some pretty neat toys and Shawn and I can't wait to play with them (lol). Anyway, with my gall bladder surgery being this Friday, I wanted to get some stuff done and out of the way so I could feel a little bit more relaxed.
We were sitting here the other evening and Shawn reminded me that my surgery was this upcoming Friday and when he said that.... my heart about sunk to the floor. Yep, my nerves started setting in and I felt a lump in my throat. Oh, I get so nervous so easily. I know it has to be done, but I can definitely be honest with you all when I say that I am scared and pretty nervous. So, after my DH reminded me of my upcoming surgery being just around the corner... I started going full speed ahead in order to get out there and start our Christmas shopping. I have so much I want to do before Friday and that includes wrapping gifts too. So, I am going to work on getting the gifts wrapped tomorrow and we also need to go to the grocery store for a few items to get us through the week. I am so happy that for once I didn't wait til the last minute to do shopping. Yay for me!! So, have you started your shopping or do you wait til the last minute and make a mad dash?


Elaine said...

Good for you... I need to get some motivation this year. Normally I have it all worked out. I have not even started a list yet. I have thought about it.

I will be praying for your peace this week as Friday approaches. Wish I was closer to help... Just know that I will be praying.

He And Me + 3 said...

All I have left is some gift cards. I have all the gifts wrapped too. I am way ahead of schedule this year, but I am loving it. Praying for you for a great surgery and quick recovery.

McCrakensx4 said...

I have a few more things, but not many! I got a lot done this weekend, now I have to sort it all and wrap it. I know what you mean about getting everything in order. That is how I felt about my surgery, but I only had 3 days to get it all done. Praying that you get everything done and still have peace. Praying too for an uneventful surgery and quick recovery.

Kelly said...

I am pretty much done. (other than having our family pic taken) I do need to get a couple picture frames though.
I will be wrapping this wednesday when CJ is gone with my sister. I miss the days where I could buy his Christmas and wrap it in front of him and he was none the wiser. ;)
GOOD for you for not waiting until last minute this year.
I am praying for you and your surgery this week.

Debra said...


I am way far behind. I'm not sure what is up with me...usually I'm all prepared.

I pray your surgery goes well and you are at peace the rest of the week. I'm glad you got the shopping behind you and checked off your list.

((hugs)) to you!