Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hop, Skip, Jump and Fall

HOP, SKIP, JUMP and FALL - Yep, that is Cameron's newest stunt that I caught him doing last night. I heard all of this squealing and knew that he must have been doing something that he was really enjoying. I came around the corner from being in the kitchen, grabbed my camera on the way and this is what I see him doing. I just about fainted because just as I was coming in, I see him in mid air. Uh Yeah, let's talk about me being nervous!! He was jumping from the foot rest over to my chair and kept doing it over and over. I have no idea how long he has been doing this, but indeed he was having a ball......a fun moment that I cut short. I know, Mommy is a party pooper, but I am just so afraid he is going to get hurt plus I don't want him to get in the habit of climbing all over someone elses furniture and thinking he can do it whenever or wherever he wants. Yep, I nipped it in the bud, but after I got pictures of course (lol). Can you remember your little ones doing stuff like this? Is it just the boys that are so daring or are girls just as bad if not worse? Share your thoughts and share them here!!


He And Me + 3 said...

Yes, Sam jumped from the ottoman right into the glass table 2 days before her 3 year old pics. She hates those pictures. Kolby does it all the time. Thus the name STUNT MAN. This is mild compared to Kolby. Just wait. LOL

Kelly said...

CJ loves jumping from the ottoman (which is on rollers) to the loveseat. He knows through much "preaching" from me, that this is ONLY something we do at our house. Though he has his GG wrapped around his little finger and she lets him jump from her couch as well.
Oh, and he can only do it when I am right there, since the ottoman is on wheels and all.
As far as niece never did things like this, but my cousins two oldest girls (4 and 3) do this stuff ALL the time and they make what CJ does look tame.

McCrakensx4 said... boys still do that kind of stuff at 7&8 (but bigger!). Just you wait Lisa, this is nothing compared to what is to come!! LOL

Amy B said...

Dear Dear Lisa..
Should I spare you...hummm...Heck no...You just wait...Having 18 , 15, 11 and a 4 year old...I can say this and mean it..YOU JUST WAIT. And I will be right here to watch you enjoy
Love the pictures.

Davisix said...

For me it doesn't matter....boys....girls.....they're the same when it comes to jumping on furniture. :) Great pics!! And don't worry so much, Mommy! xoxo Ang

Elaine said...

This is only the beginning. I wish someone had told me how boys were. He can get to anything..