Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

Yep, it is that time again. Time for that blog of carnival fun brought to you especially through MckMama and her great blog site. Everyone participates so why not try it out and join the fun. Here are my Not Me! Mondays for this past week.

1) I did not prepare my very 1st Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day, while in the process I did not and would never drop my 22 lb turkey into the cooking bag thinking it was sturdy enough to hold it. Nope, not me!! I would certainly not continue to wrestle the turkey after it dropped out of the bottom of the bag and into the kitchen sink, rolling around and make a huge loud thud. Nope, that wasn't me.... I totally know how to prepare a turkey. *now*
2) I totally did not try to grab my Thanksgiving turkey AFTER I dropped it into the sink and have the hardest time doing it because I lathered it up so well with vegetable oil. Nope, not me.
3) I did not FINALLY get my turkey into the cooking bag and then sit down thinking to myself .... "Well, at least I know what it is like fighting a sumo wrestler"
4) I AM NOT typing my Not Me Mondays at 4:58 am due to Cameron not wanting to sleep. Oh no my son always sleeps in
5) I did not wake up so early this morning, notice that MckMama posted her Not Me! Mondays and get super excited thinking that I would be the first one to post mine after her and then realize that 44 other people posted before me (sad face).
6) I am not sitting here trying to explain to my son that he is watching his "movie" and thinking to myself that I would still very much like to be cozy in my bed.
7) I am not sitting here watching my son dance like a maniac and think to myself that I would love if I had his energy. Not me.... I already have so much energy!

So, now that you have heard my Not Me! Mondays then I would highly recommend that you click on over to MckMama's site and see what all the hype is all about. Have fun and be sure to join in on the fun and share some of your Not Me's with all of us!!


He And Me + 3 said...

Love the turkey in the glad I have never had to wrestle a turkey yet.

Kimber said...

Teeheehee at least you remembered to put oil on your turkey. I forgot and ended up squirting vegetable oil spray into the bag. Hey, it worked like magic. I am NOT inexperienced with turkey preparation myself. I do NOT feel your pain.

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

Hey! At least you knew to put it in a BAG! HAAAAAA!!!

And OMG at 7:30 this morning, I was almost 100! I was not happy about that. LOL Doggonit!

Kelly said...

my goal for this week is to remember things I did NOT do and participate next week. lol
Love your not me's.
At least you were over the sink when the turkey fell through the bag. Can you imagine if Tom would have fallen on the floor???
Sorry you were up so early. CJ had us up at 5am last week one day. YUK!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Hilarious not me's!

Beautiful family! You are blessed.

Liz said...

Well that is a turkey fiasco!! That must have been stressfully hysterical...Sorry your guy won't sleep...we have one of those here too

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about the turkey- once I tried to make chocolate dipped strawberries, and managed to boil the strawberries!

And I wrote my Not Me! last night at 10pm had them saved, and thought I could be nearly first-- only to be nearly 200th!

love it!
Melissa- Mad fam of 5

Hailey said...

THAT is why I'll probably never cook Thanksgiving dinner. If I ever have to wrestle an oily turkey in a sink though... I will let you know! :-) Too funny.

amanda said...

um yeah i totally thought i'd be higher than 101 today too! boo hoo.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

If I had dropped the turkey I might have given up! Your spirit and resilience was awesome to keep going.....;)

Good list!~

MamaBear said...

It always amazes me how quickly people get their Not Me posts up. Every week I wish I would write mine on Sunday night so I'd be ready for Monday, but it rarely happens. There was close to 100 by the time I turned my computer on this morning and another 50 posted before I threw mine together.

I've never made a turkey before. I can still get away with bringing an appetizer. Some day I might graduate to a side or maybe dessert. :) No rush though :)

Junita said...

LOL - I thought I was so ahead of the blog crown too today. Sadly I was up at 1 with baby and could post immediately!

Staci said...

I love the turkey story :) Reminds me of the commercial that has been showing lately of the lady who wrestled her turkey off the floor only to accidentally throw it out the kitchen window (instead of into the pan) and nail her husband in the head! Aren't those turkeys so much fun?

McCrakensx4 said...

Too funny~ :) I have never wrestled a turkey before, but there is always a first! And the whole getting excited to be tops on the MckMama list is so not me!! (hehe)

The White Family said...

Turkey's in a bag are slimy little things. I can so picture you wrestling that thing, lol.

Ashley Griffin said...

love your not me's. that is so funny about you greasing the turkey!

Tammy W said...

Woman You GOT ME at #3!!!!!

Hee hee #9 here, I did it at 12:43 am here!!

Elaine said...

Loved the whole turkey bag story. That bird sure is hard to handle.