Friday, November 21, 2008

Busy Weekend Planned

It is a busy weekend planned for us. First of all, it is a great weekend for ALL OSU Football Fans. Yep, it is the weekend that our good ole Ohio State Buckeyes play those Michigan Wolverines from up north. Hopefully my team with pull of a win. GO BUCKS GO!! That game takes place on Saturday and you might not know this about me, but I love me some Ohio State Football games!!!! That Chris "Beanie" Wells is definitely a force to reckoned with. If you haven't checked him out then you should. He is indeed a great running back. I will post a picture below of him.....look at the height he gets when jumping over someone (WOWSERS)
Secondly, we are going to put up our Christmas tree this weekend and I will decorate the rest of the house with all my other cute decorations. I might even post some pictures later this weekend so you all can see some of my cute primitive decorations that my Mom has bought me over the years. They are cute or at least that is my opinion. Everyone decorates differently and that is why there are so many decorations out there - right? I think next year I am going to get Cameron his own tree and we can decorate it with all sorts of little ornaments that he makes for me and his Daddy. We will call it the "Cameron tree". It will be cute, I am sure.

We also need to grocery shop this weekend. Not only do we have to do our normal weekly shopping, but we also need to shop for Thanksgiving food since I am being the wonderful hostess this year. I can't wait to be the one to prepare it all and have my family over. We are going to have turkey of course, green beans w/ bacon, homemade noodles, cracker dressing (that is an old family favorite on Thanksgiving Day), pumpkin pie, pecan pie and of course cool whip. Oh, I love Thanksgiving Day!! What a great time to sit down, eat and reflect on what you are thankful for. My THANKFUL list gets longer and longer every year. I am truly blessed beyond my wildest imagination. Don't we all have so many things to be thankful for? God is good!!!!

Shawn has also been working his 2nd job so, I am missing him and his company tremendously so my other to do thing on my list is to spend some quality time with my dear sweet husband. It will be great to do things together as a family whether it is grocery shopping or just sitting on our bums..... we are still spending it together and that is what I love most!! Gotta love some family bonding time - I know I do : )


Davisix said...

OK, don't be mad at me but I'm not an Ohio State fan...BUT, will give Beanie is props....he is amazing!!!

We put the tree up last night but haven't decorated it yet. Maybe today. Since we are going to IN next week I would kind of like it to be all done for when we get home. TB&H bought me some amazing new items for the front of the house. I can't wait to get them all up and LIT! I'll take pics. :)

Have a wonderful Friday my friend. xoxo Ang

Stacy C. said...

Isn't it exciting getting ready for the holidays? I guess I will wait til we get back from New York to put the tree up. We're going to see the Macy's Parade :)

So I'm doing my Thnaksgiving dinner tomorrow at my house.I need to get off here and start doing something.

Have a great day!

Kelly said...

GO BUCKEYES!!! You know we will be watching. We had a chance at tickets, but I did not want to spend the money, even though it was not a bad deal, this close to Christmas. Plus we did not have anyone to watch the little guy. And besides it will be way warmer watching from our family room. lol

Enjoy the family time, it is precious.
I like the idea of getting Cameron his own tree. How cute.
I can not wait to see your decore...I love Americana/primitive things. My kitchen and family room are Americana. :)

He And Me + 3 said...

THat sounds like an awesome weekend to me. We will be in front of the TV watching the same game only shouting GO BLUE! Sure hope it is a close game. LOL
Have a nice time with your hubby too!

Candi B. said...


McCrakensx4 said...

Down with the BUCKS (but not my bloggy friend Lisa!) I must say that I am a UM grad and attended more games than I can count (at the Big House and bowl games)and even though I really really want them to win this weekend, I know sadly that, well I can't say it, but you know :(