Monday, October 27, 2008

Writing to our local Congressmen

Well, I just got done typing a letter to our local Congressmen here in Ohio. I wanted to take some time to express my thoughts and concerns when it came to infertility coverage by insurance companies or I guess I should say the lack of infertility coverage. Did you know that back in 1998, the United States Supreme court ruled that reproduction is a major life activity under the "Americans with Disabilities Act." This ruling demonstrates the importance of reproduction and the impact that infertility, in which the ability to reproduce is impaired, has on the lives of men and women. Insurers have been arguing for years that bearing children is a lifestyle choice, BUT it is not a choice to have a disease that prevents a person from having the option to bear children. It is unfortunate to know that insurance companies do not provide coverage for treatment to overcome this disease, but single out infertility for exclusion. I find this to be discriminatory!! I just want couples out there like my husband and I to have the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood. They shouldn't have to worry about going bankrupt in order to start a family or grow a family. Our voices should be heard and I am hoping that by sending a letter to a couple people in Congress, that it will help and hopefully encourage them to help us and many others as we struggle with this horrible disease.

I encourage you today to help others. Make your voice be heard and hopefully we can all help one another in this disease!!

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Brandi,Dan & Lukas said...

Ditto I need to do this too. Not a single penny (except for the inital Drs. visit and our sperm analysis) of our infertility treatments was paid for.