Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weather Change

I woke up this morning and rolled my butt out of bed.... I so could've slept longer!! I was sleeping so cozy in my bed and the alarm goes off. Yep, I was not ready to hear that alarm at all and all I wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep. I walked downstairs and took my shower and then went up to get Cameron shortly after that because he was already awake. What? My little man was already awake? Nothing like getting the day started super early!! We came downstairs and I changed his diaper, got him some juice and turned on Blues Clues. I took the trash out and noticed a nip in the air. Uh yeah, I think the temperature dropped about 20 degrees last night and it is suppose to stay this way all weekend. It is "the perfect" fall weather if you ask me. It is the kinda weather where you were the most comfortable jeans ever along with a sweatshirt. Yep, that would be my type of weather. So, to say the least I am getting SO excited about camping this weekend. It should be perfect and I am just hoping that the leaves are beautiful enough for lots of pictures!!

I have everything packed, we have all of the groceries we need and I think we are pretty much ready. We will take out of here tomorrow morning and head towards Pike Lake and I can't wait!! It will be nice to have a little retreat.... even if it is for just a couple days.

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