Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Exercise Plan

Do any of you watch Biggest Loser? We watch it every week and don't miss a night of it. We love it and we love how it gets us so motivated!! So, without much further excitement, let me tell you that my husband and I have decided to start our exercise plan. We are going to start eating healthier and exercising every single day whether we like it or not. Our goal is to be healthier for ourselves, each other and most importantly Cameron. Well, tonight was the night when we put on our exercising clothes......ok, ok, they were just plain jane shorts, a t-shirt, socks and our good walking/running shoes that we bought back around tax time. The good news about our shoes is that they barely have any wear to them so, it is like wearing a brand new pair of shoes. Isn't that pathetic? We have these wonderful pair of Brooks shoes that we bought back around tax time and they are practically brand new!! I guess I was just waiting for that perfect moment to get started - huh? Anyway, we started off this evening by taking measurements. Oh boy, that was not pretty at all, but it was something we wanted to do so we could "SEE" our results. We also weighed ourselves and took real pretty before losing the weight pictures. Uh yeah, they were real attractive pictures and perhaps I will share those with everyone after I have lost the weight, but not until then. I don't want to scare anyone away!!

I thought I did pretty good tonight at walking on the treadmill. I started my Casting Crowns music, turned on the fan, dusted off the treadmill and hopped on to this machine that we have had any never used. I started out slowly and then increased my speed. I walked for 20 minutes at 2.5 miles and I was sweating like a COW!! I may have had sweat rolling down my face, down my neck, and my face was guaranteed blood red, but I felt good, real good about what I was doing and right now I just feel like I have so much energy. Energy is a good thing.... I can ALWAYS use more energy, but I am not sure it is a good thing to have this much energy so close to bedtime. So, we will keep an eye on that and see if we need to make any adjustments with when we exercise. My husband started after me and did wonderfully and now we are trying to decide when to take our showers or when to eat our next Twinkie (hahaha, just kidding, just kidding). Seriously, we do not have any twinkies in the house. Well, my hubby is done with his shower and I am going to take my turn now and then sit down to enjoy a nice cold glass of H20.

So, does anyone want to join our "BIGGEST LOSER CLUB"?

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