Thursday, October 9, 2008

Countdown to Camping

I am not sure about you, but I can enjoy camping at times. I can enjoy it if the weather is perfect. Well, this year we bought ourselves a tent and decided to go camping with Shawn's parents. They have a camper, but unfortunately DH and I are going to rough it. Hmmm, I am not sure if that sounds like fun or not, but it should definitely be an experience. The one good thing about camping with his parents is that they definitely know how to cook while camping!! I love food so I should be pretty happy when it comes to that. Cameron is looking forward to going because he LOVES to be outside. He will also stay nice and warm in their camper. Anyway, the temperature is suppose to be in the high 60's during the day and in the high 40's at night so, we will definitely have to cuddle up to one another to stay warm. I don't think that will be too difficult : ) and it might actually be fun (hehehe). We made our grocery list last night and we are slowly, but surely getting prepared for a weekend of camping. My biggest issue is that there is no running water so, unfortunately I won't be able to shower. Many of you ladies out there probably experience this from time to time if you have short hair, but my hair tends to stick up all over the place when I wake up and there is really no way of getting that under control unless you wash it. Doesn't sound like that is going to be an option for me so I can guarantee you that I will be looking so fabulous while camping (lol). I guess I will just have to take all of the pictures that I want on the day that we arrive and that way I won't look too terribly bad.

It is funny to watch the expressions of some people when I camp. Alot of people in my DH's family as well as friends never really thought that I could or would want to camp, but I have proved them wrong. I guess that they thought I was too "prissy" to spend the night in a tent let alone step foot in the woods, but I actually enjoy it. I just always think that having a shower is a treat so not having a shower for the weekend will definitely be rough on me. I will probably be quite anxious to return home just for a nice hot shower. Next Friday is when we leave to go camping and it should definitely be alot of fun. I love FALL and I enjoy seeing the leaves turn colors so it will be great getting out and taking some nice pictures.

I attached a picture of our tent. As you can see it is rather large and will give us plenty of room. Shawn's Mom told me last night I should get a 5 gallon bucket and I said "what for" and she told me that I might want to use that as my potty during the night. I thought to myself "Oh great that should be quite interesting." I can see myself hovering over the bucket, peeing down my leg and my urine freezing in mid-stream. I am sure it will definitely be a moment to share with all of you. So from now until next Friday, I will enjoy the wonderful things like my shower, my toilet, my furnace and all the other things that we might sometimes take for granted.

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