Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Countdown to Camping & Baking

Our camping adventure is getting closer and closer. Shawn's parents left today and we will join them on Friday. I am really looking forward to getting away, but it seems as though it is going to be a bit chilly. I was watching the weather this morning and it looks like it is going to be in the high 50's Brrrrr. You never know what is going to happen here in Ohio when it comes to the weather. Today is suppose to be in the 80's just like yesterday and by Friday it is suppose to be in the high 50's. If I don't get sick from the cold weather then it will because the temperature is always rapidly changing. Gotta love Ohio weather!!

I am going to make some banana nut bread today and take that with us when we go. I am also planning on making my all time favorite cinnamon pumpkin muffins. I am telling you that these muffins are so freaking good that I could eat a whole batch of them. They are also so easy to make. I do however, need to watch what I eat seeing as though we picked the darndest time to diet (lol). Anyway, we need to take some goodies to share so that was my choice.

I am going to try to organize clothes today. I need to get some warm stuff lined up so we don't freeze too terribly bad. I also need to figure out what toys I am going to take so little man has something to play with. I personally don't think he will want to play with anything. I can see him wanting to explore which will be fine with us. I just love walking around taking pictures so we all should be pretty content. Well, it is pretty early and I still have alot to do so I am going to run and start my banana nut bread. If you are lucky.... I might post a yummy picture afterwards!!
I am sure it will make your mouth water. STAY TUNED!!

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