Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The World Today As Most Of Us Know It

What a day it has been! I just got off the phone from talking with my parents and I guess you could say that they totally depressed me. My parents retired quite a few years ago after 35 years of working at Columbia Gas. They worked hard to retire at a decent age and they were quite comfortable when it came to their home, cars, living and spending. Well, I know that they aren't the only people that have lost money in the stock market, but I know that they have lost quite a bit and now they are freaking out. They have a condo that they live in now that is on a golf course and it has an absolutely beautiful view however they are currently trying to sell it. This condo has been on the market for over a year now and they just can't seem to unload it. They just found out last week that they lost a HUGE amount of money in the stock market and they aren't sure that they will be able to rebound from it. They are depressed and unfortunately I am the glue that tends to hold my family together and I am often called the peacemaker, but I am not sure that there is much that I can do to help them out in these hard times. I was talking with my Dad on the phone this morning and he started crying.... it broke my heart!! He told me that he thought that when they retired that they would be set for life, be able to enjoy life as normal retired people do however he is trying to cut corners everywhere, selling back their car that they recently bought and he can't help, but to feel depressed. I tried my best to get him to understand that money isn't always everything. I tried to tell him that I understand where they are coming from, what they are dealing with and told them that I would do anything I could to help cheer them up. Well, unfortunately I guess there is nothing that I can do to help or at least that is what he told me. Will they be able to rebound from such a HUGE loss? Will the stock market ever go up again? Will they sell their condo anytime soon? Will they be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel? These are all questions that we have, but don't have any answers to and times just keep getting worse and worse in the world today.

With the election coming up, it could mean better times or worse times for all of us. The gas prices are going down, but the stock market needs to be going up and which presidential nominee is going to make a change for us? Which man is going to help our economy and help the people of the United States? I myself am not sure that we have a man that can help us, that can turn the world around, but the time is growing near and we unfortunately need to pick the lesser of the two evils. It is a crying shame that Ronald Reagan isn't still alive and well today. I myself would love to see him back in office!! It is a scary time for all of us. Jobs are being cut by huge companies, the working world is dwindling and the news is just down right depressing. I myself try not to let it bother me because hearing about the bad news from my parents is enough. I try to be upbeat, positive and just let God take care of it all. I talk to my parents and tell them that they need to stay positive, to allow God to carry their burden, but it is hard for them to see especially when they are so beat down by all of the bad news that is going on in their lives and around them. I pray every day that things will get better for all of us, but it is really sad when you see two people age 62 that worked so freaking hard for practically their whole life and now they aren't even sure if they will have enough money to live on for the rest of their lives. What do you say to them? How do you comfort them? It is just a very frustrating time for so many people in this world today!!

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