Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some of my Favorite Things Around the House

I thought it would be fun to take pictures of a few of your favorite things "around the house." So, if you are up to joining in on the fun then be sure to leave your comment so we can check out your site. I am not sure how to do the Mr. Linky or else I would attempt my hand at it, but I am not super savy like that. Anyway, here we are a few of "MY" Favorite things around the house. Have fun with this!!

MY FAVORITE "BOYS". My husband Shawn and my son Cameron.

What more can I say..... Sweet Memories of MY FAMILY!!

An Amish made cabinet that I just love. Definitely a favorite piece of furniture.

This is an old antique ladder that I hung from my kitchen ceiling and decorated with red fake berries, old antique kitchen utensils, Longaberger baskets and a few other items . I truly enjoy decorating around the house.

Here is Mr. Carrot Socks and a jar full of my Grandma's old buttons. Mr. Carrot Socks was a gift from my Mom and the buttons were something that my Grandma always collected. I proudly display the buttons in memory of my Grandma who passed away back in 2003.

These are my Grandpa's marbles that he use to play with when he was a young boy. He won quite a few contests and has since passed away. Definitely a favorite of mine that I proudly display in memory of him.

Here is another favorite..... my bellycast that I did when I was 9 months pregnant with Cameron. This is definitely something that I will cherish forever!! It was truly a blessing being pregnant and now having my precious son.

We are big Ohio State Buckeye Fans. We especially love Ohio State Football so here is one of my favorites in our home. It is our OSU Bathroom that is upstairs.
So, join in on the fun and proudly display some of your favorites around the house!! I can't wait to see them. REMEMBER to leave your comment!!!!


The White Family said...

I love this post!! When I find some time I will def take some pics of my fav things and post. I love your style! So cozy and loving!! :o)

Prachar family said...

Love this post, but not participating since we are renting :( I just wanted to tell you that I love, love your decoragting style! Your home, paint, ladder in the kitchen, amish cabinet are so beautiful! I love the shabby chic you have adopted so well!
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