Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Me! Monday - Part 4

Well, it is time for another week of "NOT ME!" Monday. If you haven't been crazy enough to take part in this fun little game then you should definitely give it a try. Be sure to check out the gal that is behind the fun and excitement at

1) I did not go to the grocery store this past week and buy *new* items that I saw on the tv just because I had to try them out for myself. Nope, not me!

2) I did not clean some of my cupboards out this past week and pitch some of the *new* items that I bought because I didn't like them. Nope, not me! That would just be too wasteful.

3) I did not go to a baby shower this past weekend and eat something that gave me food poisoning. Nope, not me!

4) I was not up all Saturday night sicker then a dog from the food poisoning. Nope, not me!

5) I was not in the process of puking Saturday night and got it all over the freaking bathroom and on myself and had to take a shower at 4 am. Nope, not me! That would be way to gross!!

6) I did not even have to clean that bathroom up the next morning after I started feeling better

7) I so did not even want my husband to clean it up because I was still not feeling up to par! Nope, not me!! That would be horrible to make your hubby clean up your mess.

8) I did not even start an exercise plan yesterday. Oh, heck no....that is NOT LISA LIKE at all.


Erin Lutz said...

These are the times when you need a house cleaning robot,like Rosie from the Jetsons!! Oh well, a girl can dream! Hope you feel better. :)

Allmykids123 said...

Your blog is adorable! Found you on MckMama and wanted to drop in and say Hello!

Elaine said...

I did not know if I should laugh or cry for you. Hope you are feeling better.

zachsmom said...

I love you blog, I love reading about your ups and downs. may God continue to bless you and your family with the gift of another child. I am like you in that I have found no greater gift in life than my son

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa-- Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your encouragement. I hope God blesses you with baby #2 soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw...I'm sorry about the food poisoning...that blows.

Just found you on mycharmingkids and saw you are blessed w/ an IVF baby. DH and I have been trying for 6 years for our little miracle to come....

ohhollyf said...

Food posion, oh girl !
Now, I'm wondering what you didn't buy, and what didn't end up in trash? Holly

Weeksie50 said...

Oh girl. I am so sorry that you were so sick this weekend..

That stinks! Uh.