Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Remembering You Today & Always

Five years ago today, I experienced a great loss. The loss of a child, a child that was taken way too soon. I often think about what life would be like with 2 children. Would he or she be caring and loving towards Cameron? Would they get along? What would their likes and dislikes be? Would they look like me or my hubby? Oh yes, I think about all of the things that could have been with this sweet child of ours. I remember the day like it was yesterday and never have our sweet baby far from my mind. I imagine that this little baby that was taken from us would and was definitely be a sweet and beautiful blessing from God and I try my best to imagine what he or she would have looked like. What would his or her personality have been like and would they make me laugh just like Cameron does?!? I think quite frequently about our sweet child. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't wonder something about what could have been. I sometimes hate how my mind plays tricks on me, but it does. I try my best to shut my mind down at times, but it is always racing and thinking about something.
To My Sweet Child - Even though I never got to hold you or see you, I know that you are safe in God's arms. It is reassuring to me to know that you are up in heaven and with the one person that can always keep you safe from harm. I will one day see you and hold you in my arms, kiss your sweet forehead and smell your precious skin, but until then God will keep you safe and heaven will hold you. I love you my sweet baby and I miss you more then you will ever know. Hugs & Kisses to you my sweetheart!!

Gone, but never Forgotten
Love, Mommy


He And Me + 3 said...


that was so sweet. Beautiful picture too.

John, Jessica and Emma said...

What a sweet memorial.... The sunset picture is beautiful


Melanie said...

Hi Lisa,

I have read your blog a few times from going to Then Am I Strong and I thought I had been following you and I guess I haven't... I want to tell you that I am sorry for your loss. I am almost going on a year in March of my miscarriage and I don't even want to think of that day... It's a memory that just hurts so much when you want a baby!

I would love for you to follow my journey...

Your sister in Christ,

Stacy said...

Very sweet and touching. I love the name in the sand.

Kahla said...


Aspiemom said...

A very sweet remembrance!

Is Cameron feeling any better?

Carly Marie said...

Sending you all my love sweet friend

Lianna Knight said...

Praying for you today :)