Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Date With Cameron & A Heatwave in Ohio

We had a heatwave here in Ohio today so what better way to celebrate then a date out with Cameron. Yep, we hit the mid 40's today and the snow and ice is melting which is a great thing. I am so tired of seeing the ice and snow!! The grass is brown, but at least it isn't that dirty snow laying around everywhere. Shawn had to work today so we went out this morning with him before he headed to work at 1:00 and then Cameron and I went out. We ran errands for the most part, but then I treated him to a lunch out at Chick-fil-A. They have an indoor play area with tunnels and plastic balls, but when we got there I noticed that they were having a birthday party. The play area was full of 7 and 8 year olds and I was thinking Cameron would get trampled on so we kept our distance from that area. I guess that was my main reason for taking him there, but perhaps we can do it another time. We went to the grocery store, went to Michael's and had lunch out. I promised Shawn that I would stop and get him a burrito at Chipotle and bring it to him so we did that too. We had a great time out. Cameron helped me pick some stuff out today for my Pay It Forward Contest that will be taking place soon and we bought a few other things too. All and all it was a great day and it was warmer so that was real nice. We also took the CRV for a "bubble bath" which is what Cameron called it. We went through and had to tell him the process of everything. It was pretty funny when he said that the car was getting a bubble bath. Kids do say the cutest things. Anyway, I posted a few pictures of Cameron and I before our date out. I thought they were very good so I had to share them. Hope you all had a great Saturday!! Stay tuned for the Pay It Forward Contest coming soon.


Kelly said...

Can you believe this crazy weather? That is Ohio for ya!!!
Those are FANTASTIC pictures of you two.
Glad you enjoyed your day together.
I have never been to a Chik-fila. :) :(

He And Me + 3 said...

what a fun day for the two of you. You two look so happy! Yum to the chik fila! I miss that restaraunt so much.

Stacey said...

I agree, it was so nice to actually get to see the driveway again and some of the ground. We still have huge piles of snow, but am so glad that it was warmer today. Hopefully it will melt slowly so that we don't have flooding.

Sounds like you and Cameron had a great date. It is so fun to take little ones with you. Am looking forward to the day I can have dates with mine. :)

I certainly will have to tell Scott and about the CRV getting a bubble bath. He will love it so much and asks about you guys a lot!!!!!!!

Such beautiful pictures of the both of you. Simply precious!

Love and hugs,

Candi B. said...

woo hoo for the nice weather! we are enjoying it too.

John, Jessica and Emma said...

What sweet pictures!!! That is one loved little boy!!! Sounds like you had fun... I LOVE Chik-Fila, but we don't have one anywhere close :( Probably a good thing!!