Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!!

If you have not joined in on the carnival of fun then you better check out MckMama's site to hear what it is all about. Here are my many things that I DID NOT DO this past week.
1) I DID NOT eat 2 peanut butter eggs and a bag of combos while watching Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Nope, I know better then to eat all that junk food for the 2nd week in a row.
2) I WAS NOT cleaning the kitchen and notice that my plant had disappeared out of my planter.
3) I DID NOT instantly go to the conclusion that my husband had accidentally pulled it on without paying attention.
4) I DID NOT continue to clean the kitchen and then notice the half eaten plant in the burner of my stove.
5) I DID NOT instantly freak out thinking it was a mouse. I would never draw conclusions like that. Nope, not me!!
6) I DID NOT have my husband pull out the stove to see what was under it and notice a mouse scurrying across the floor. Oh NO that would NEVER happen in our home. NEVER NEVER, that couldn't have been a mouse.
7) I DID NOT have my husband run to the store right away to get numerous mouse traps in order to catch a mouse that I thought I saw.
8) I DID NOT stand on the chair waiting for my husband to return back from the store while my son played happily in the family room. Knowing totally that we DID NOT have a mouse. Nope, not me!!
9) I DID NOT set all the mouse traps and sit in the family room waiting anxiously for the mouse to be killed. Nope, not me!!
10) I DID NOT scream bloody murder when I heard the mouse trap snap down and hurry and lift my feet up off the ground. Oh NO - I am much braver then that!
11) I DID NOT follow my husband into the kitchen and hurry up and climb up onto the chair to look at the dead mouse behind the stove. What in the world was I thinking? Did I actually think it was going to be dead and then get up and walk away? Ah, HECK YEAH!!
12) I DID NOT have my husband grab my camera while I stood on the chair so I could take a picture of our one and only dead mouse that was NOT in our house. Nope, not me!!
13) I AM NOT posting a picture of our dead mouse that was NOT our house and smiling, but still TOTALLY freaking out about it NOT being in OUR home!!
14) I AM NOT totally disinfecting my home, cleaning out cupboards, drawers and anything else that needs to be cleaned in order to get rid of ANY and ALL GERMS. I am totally NOT a germaphobe!! Nope, NOT ME!!

So, was your week just as interesting as mine and if it was then I would love to hear about it so be sure to leave me a comment!! I am off to do some more cleaning!!


Stacy said...

Mice scare me too!!!!

Jacky said...

Just so you know, mice are bad, but rats are worse! Ugh, they're sooo disgusting!

Happy Monday! =)

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

i here ya on the mice. we had one several years ago (never saw one in all my years prior) and of course it showed while hubby was out. i would gasp each time it scurried around from where it was apparently coming in behind our tv in the living room around the corne into the kitchen. my kids gotso used to my gasp that even if i did it for another reason,they assumed it was for the mouse.
i hate anything that little that moves that fast, just never know where it'll go or when.

McCrakensx4 said... are too funny, but I would probably act the same way if there was a mouse in my house! Hope you see no more ;)

Stacey said...

You WIN! I certainly did not even come close to having a week like that. :) Thank goodness you did not freak out about that mouse because who knows what would have happened then, Cameron would have started screaming and running up and down the stairs, the mouse would have ran around the house and the neighbors would have been knocking on your door thinking that you needed help. WHEW, that would have been a sight to see. (lol) What a cute post today. Glad that you caught the mouse. We don't see mice around here, except around harvest time when those little field mice like to come in out of the colder weather. This year we caught 4. (oops, probably should erase this, you may have second thoughts on coming to visit us - at least I really hope not) :)

Love and hugs,

He And Me + 3 said...

Oh my grossness. Yikes. I totally would have not been freaked out either.

Kimber said...

OMGoodness you so crack me up. I don't like mice either, but I'm not petrified of them as apparently you are. LOL. I'm just used to them since I live in the country and have a field right across the road from me. They typically get indoors every winter and we set traps until they are all gone. We're usually good to go until the next winter after that. You crack me up.

The Dorns said...

Your'e silly! But then again Ive never had a mouse in my home so I don't know ho I would react. At least hubby was home to save you. My only thought not to scare you But, don't they usually have friends if you seen one. Keep your eyes out you want to make sure there not eating your walla or wires. I'll pray he was just looking for real estate for the family before moving them in and he just never came home.

Carly Marie said...

LOL! You make me laugh Lisa! Thank you it was just what I needed.... will be laughing at the half eaten plant for days I think!

Michelle "Missi" said...

I had one in my bathtub once. I ran out, closed the door, put a towel in front of the door so he couldn't get out and waited until Fadre got home to do something with him, a mere 6-7 hours later...