Friday, December 19, 2008

Sock Monster on the Run

Well, I always knew that I had a little sock monster around this house. I could wash all the socks together, dry them together and still end up minus a sock or two. Well, I found out why last night. This little boy of mine is obsessed with socks. My in-laws were over last night helping me yet again with Cameron and I must say that he was not happy until he removed his socks and my MIL's socks. He pulled on her socks for I don't know how long and finally he flew back with her sock in hand. You would have thought he reached gold. He was thrilled and so excited that he finally got her sock off. Look at that smile on his face!! Oh, it melts my heart. Anyway, after he was able to pull her socks off, he started running into the hallway with them. Yep, the sock monster was on the run and if I wouldn't have stopped him, who knows where he would have taken her socks. So, if you ever come for a visit then I would highly recommend that you wear slippers. If you aren't careful you could end up barefoot with cold feet especially if the Sock Monster is on the run.


Kelly said...

isn't it funny we spend $$$ on all these great toys and they would rather play with a sock!!! ???
Kids, you can never figure them out.
Such a cute smile he has.
It is the simple things, is it not?

Davisix said... cute! He is just adorable!! I wish I had some sort of rhyme or reason for the disappearance of socks around here. It drives me CRAZY! We always have like 5 friendless socks each laundry day. Where do they gooooo??? :) Ang

He And Me + 3 said...

I wonder if I have a sock monster too, because mine are always missing. where do they go? He is so cute and that smile...oh my!

Stacey said...

I can't wait to have the Sock Monster come to our house! Maybe he can help me find some of our missing socks!!!!! hahaha Much like the other ladies I always find socks missing when they come out of the dryer, seems like they go in and...............? Cameron is so cute and will make a great cousin for us when we have our little one(s) someday. He will be an awesome teacher and rolemodel. He has two of the best parents!!!!!!!!!!