Monday, December 22, 2008

CNN & The IVF Vacation

I went on-line this evening to read up on my local news as well as the evening news on CNN. Well, I saw something on CNN tonight that made me think. Yep, can you imagine that it made me think? Well, let me just say that it got my wheels turning, not in a good or bad way, but it just got my wheels turning. Anyway, I came across a video on CNN that had to do with infertility. Well, I am like a magnet and whenever I see the word INFERTILITY then I automatically check it out. I like to stay updated on the "goings on" with infertility. Well, I checked out the video and it was all about couples that have gone overseas to have IVF done in order to conceive a child. I thought to myself "Why in the world would you go overseas to have that done when you can just have it done so close to home". Well, after watching the video, it seems as though couples are going on vacations to get pregnant through IVF. They have found that if they go to the Czech Republic then they find that the expense in having IVF is cut in half, actually more then half. I know that our 1 and only IVF procedure was over $12,000 and if you want to go to the Czech Republic then you are looking at spending (GET THIS) $3,316 and that includes your fertility drugs. I about flipped my lid. I couldn't believe how cheap it was. I couldn't believe that the cost of $3,316 was including "the complete ivf treatment". You should definitely check out this site. The site is called IVF Vacation. I read up on it a little bit and I guess I am teeter tottering on whether or not it would ever be something I would do. I guess if it came right down to it, that it would be something I would do. I can't imagine my life without Cameron. He is the brightest star in my sky and he is my whole world. I just love him to pieces and I also know that if given that chance to go over to the Czech Republic in order to make it all happen again and give me Cameron...... heck yeah, I would do it. In a quick second !! I guess I just hate that people have to go overseas in order to make this happen (ya know?) It is a shame that the expenses here in the US have to be so freaking high. Why does having a baby have to be so difficult? Why can't we have the same costs that the Czech Republic has in order to help make the dreams of lots of men and women out there have a baby? It shouldn't be that difficult to have a baby. You shouldn't have to travel eons of miles in order to make your dreams come true of having a baby, but some people do and have and their dreams did come true. Actually there is a couple that I was reading about on this site that lives here in Ohio. They live in Cleveland, Ohio, but just to know that there is a couple close to me that went overseas in order to get pregnant is amazing. They welcomed their twins into the world on October 21st. I don't know.... at first when I started reading about it, I was kinda hesitant, but when you put yourself in the shoes of someone going through infertility then you would probably do just about anything in order to make your dreams of becoming a parent come true. I definitely like to keep money in the good ole USA, especially since everyone here in the US is struggling and the last thing we need to do is take our money and spend it in the Czech Republic, but if it were me and I had the money and I didn't have my baby yet then you can bet your bottom dollar that I would be doing LOTS O' RESEARCH on that place and checking out the availabilities in order to make my dreams come true. Heck, you could have IVF done a couple times over there for the price of one over here in the states. Just like I mentioned in the beginning of my post..... Definitely gets ya thinking - huh?


Brandi,Dan & Lukas said...

The cost of IVF here is 15,000. My problem with the whole infertility issue is that insurance doesn't pay anything. We have the best insurance that most hospitals and Drs. see these days and ours doesn't cover a single penny of any fertility treatments. All our fertility treatments were out of pocket.

He And Me + 3 said...

I am blessed that we never had to use fertility treatments, but to have our precious children, you can bet that we would have done whatever it took. I am shocked that insurance doesn't cover any of it. Yet they cover birth control. Hmmmm

Stacey said...

Wow! I have been aware that IVF is expensive and is the reason why some couples are not able to use that option. Hopefully our government wakes up someday and makes the necessary changes for people to have affordable insurance, no matter what needs to be taken care of. The whole insurance thing really hits a sore spot with me. As long as you are paying for it and are healthy, it is the best thing. The moment that you need it for any reason, then you owe them more. What really reaks right now is the whole pre-existing condition clause. I hate it with a passion. Anyways, sorry to get on my soap box, but I do agree with you that if it meant Scott and I having a chance to have a child and it meant a lot less expense or more bang for our buck so to speak, then you bet I would be the first one in line. :) Thanks for the info., it truly makes you stop and think for a minute.
Hugs and smiles,

Carly said...

I am just devastated for anyone who can't just simply fall pregnant the normal way. I have no idea how hard this must be for you Lisa, I feel guilty almost for falling pregnant the way I did.

Lisa I want to wish you a very beautiful Christmas, may God wrap a warm blanket of peace around your home.

Merry Christmas :)

Love Carly x

Kelly said...

WoW!!! That is crazy. I do not understand why EVERYTHING is so much more expensive here. Is it any wonder companies and such want/need to send their work elsewhere???
I am with MiMi, about the ins. not covering anything, yet covering birth control. Hmmm...what does that say??? They are ONLY out to make $$$, not to HELP. (IMO)
Most ins. co. do not cover maternity benefits any longer either. It is ALL out of pocket, other than possibly co-pays. ???
One ins. co. we looked at you had to pay $100+ a month for the maternity benefit and it was NOT usuable for FIVE years. Does that make any sense???

FlyAway said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm going to be going through IVF vacation. Marcel and Craig are a very awesome couple. I came across their website about 3 years ago (after I had my IVF here and had a m/c). I have kept in touch with them and have started "the process" somewhat. I am hoping to take the journey summer of 09. I hope to keep my blog up with all this journey.
I wish I would have known about this before i spent the 12,000+ on last IVF I could have had it done 2x with them.
Some of the couples have said that they felt more relaxed with this program because they were also vacationing.
Like everything it happens for a reason.

Honey Mommy said...

How interesting.
I have some friends who may be doing IVF, so I'll have to tell them about it!

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