Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This n That & FAMILY time

Well, today has been a GREAT day!! Today my DH had his first snow day off and we are truly enjoying the time with him. He fixed egg and cheese bagels for breakfast and he cleaned my kitchen for me (what a sweetheart) and now we are just enjoying our time as a family which is very far and few between anymore. Since he works 2 jobs, we very rarely get to spend a whole lot of time together so, we are REALLY enjoying it today. Oh, I love snow days..... well, it isn't snowy, but the roads are covered in ice and most of the schools cancelled or had a 2 hour delay so that is always nice. Cameron has been using Daddy has a jungle gym and climbing up and down on his Daddy and enjoying the time with him and well I am just so excited that we can all be together. I miss it tremendously to be quite honest I wish it didn't have to be this way, but we are doing it all for Cameron so that is pretty important.
Recovery continues to go well. I normally only have 1-2 pain pills a day which is a great improvement from the pills that I was taking every 4 hours. I have been sleeping in the bed which is still something I am getting use to, but Shawn needs his rest so I cope with being uncomfortable so he can have a good nights rest. I guess love just does that to ya. It is just hard and difficult laying on your back ALL night long.... you tend to get a bit stiff, but last night I was able to roll over to my left side which was nice, but then when you roll back over to your back then those staples tend to pull (uh yeah, not such a pleasant feeling). My belly button still continues to be wonderful shades of the rainbow. Cameron points to certain areas on my belly and either says yellow, green or purple. I am so happy that my belly is teaching him the shades of a rainbow (lol). My arms and my legs are still bruised pretty bad as well, but I have listened to quite a few of you and others and have been taking it easy and not doing anything to give me a setback so I am being a good girl and listening!
I am going to try to finish up my Christmas cards today or at least get closer. I have been concentrating so much on burning all of my pics to a disc to have them for safe keeping. After reading my dear blogger friend Angie's site and learning that she lost all of her pictures recently....well, it freaked me out to say the least and lately I have been a maniac with burning all my pics and saving them to a disc. I wouldn't know what to do if I lost all of my 10,000 and some odd pics of my sweet Cameron and all of those sweet memories. So, I am down to 3000 left to burn and then I can relax knowing that they are safe on a disc. Thank you Angie for opening my eyes to this and I am so sorry that you lost all of your pictures!! I guess we can all learn from one another - right?
So, let's talk about family holiday traditions. I don't know about you, but I am and have been since Cameron was born anxious to start family traditions. Unfortunately, some of these have been delayed until next year when I am feeling better or we have gone with an easier approach to things in order to still make them happen, but make it easier on Mommy. Anyway, it has always been a family tradition since I was a young girl to jump into the car and go look at all of the Christmas lights in town. Well, that was easy enough and we have done that frequently this week. I just grab my pillow to apply to my belly and off we go to look at the lights. I normally bake lots and lots of goodies for family and friends, but that has been somewhat of a disappointment for me this year. I had so much fun with this last year. I found a GREAT sugar cookie recipe and made homemade icing and the cookies were delish. Well, this year I am not going to so much trouble. Instead my DH is going to go get the already made sugar cookie dough in a roll at the grocery store and we will improvise in order to make it happen. I just won't be able to take any to the maternity area of the hospital where I had Cameron or to my OBGYN's office. I told myself that these people made such an impact on my life when I was pregnant with Cameron and then when I had Cameron they were a huge part of it so, I told myself that I would take treats to them every time around this year, but we will have to delay it til next year due to me not having the energy to do it. We will just make enough cookies to make it fun for Cameron this year and that will be one other family tradition taken care of. I don't know about you, but when it comes to your kids and you make them a promise then you tend to keep it even if they are too small to know, but just knowing that I made that promise to Cameron and then me not being able to follow through with it was enough to crush my own heart so, I will stick to my promises as much as I can. So, do you have any family traditions? Next year we are going to start the tradition of making a gingerbread house together.... Won't that be fun?
Well, I am off to spend the day with my husband and my son as a FAMILY and I will check back with everyone later this evening during quiet time.....when little Cameron is fast asleep in his crib.


Kelly said...

WoW, you all had a snow day? Our snow is almost all gone now and just a little ice here and there. Nothing too bad.
ENJOY the family day. They are awesome!!!
We go to look at the lights each year too. It is so much fun. This is the first year CJ is going to help decorate the sugar cookies. (this weekend)
We also each year spend Christmas Eve with my Mom & step dad and bro's & sis'. We have dinner and excange gifts. It is SO much fun!!!

Kimber said...

We didn't have a snow today, we had an ice day. A half inch was covering everything when I left work this morning. Quite a treacherous drive home I might add. Alas we made it nearly 2 hours later. Thankfully my youngest didn't have school so I didn't have to worry about the bus being out on these crazy roads. Enjoy your day with the family. My Christopher is taking me out for yet another birthday dinner tonight, just the 2 of us. He spoils me so. Gotta love it.

He And Me + 3 said...

A snow day for everyone...How fun! Even on snow day for everyone else...hubby has to go in. It was a terrible drive today for him.
We love to look at the lights every Christmas eve night. Something we look forward to.

Stacy C. said...

No snow here! It's suppose to be in the 70's Friday! Glad you are getting some good family time.

Davisix said...

No snow here...YAY! We're supposed to be in the 70s tomorrow. Can't wait. I know it won't last but I'll certainly enjoy it while I can. :) Ang

Stacey said...

Great to hear that you had a wonderful day to be with Shawn and Cameron. It sounded just perfect. I too had a snow day, actually an ice day if you were to call it anything. So, no sub job today. I too am all about Christmas traditions and have longed to start my very own. But, until Scott and I have our own children, the ones that my family have established are still what I participate in. This weekend, if the weather does not get too rough, I am going to my cousin Shelley's house to make cookies and candy with my mom, sister, aunt Jackie, cousin Penni, little cousin Natalie and little cousin Mazie. I look forward to this every year. It is a bit more challenging for me now that I live almost 3 hours away. Hopefully I can make it. Yes, we have already been Christmas lights looking and I love to do that. The last time my mom and dad were here we went to the Sandusky area and had a wonderful time looking at all of the decorations. Christmas time is one of those times that causes me to be a little bit more humble about life. Unfortunately, today has not been the best of days for me. This evening I have done my share of shedding tears. When you read my blog it will explain more. Just keep us in your prayers, because I know there is power in prayer. It is so good to know that you had family time. Scott and I were able to go and begin our work out sessions at the rec center. We signed up for a year membership and tonight was our first night to go. It felt really good and got my mind off of things for a while, which is always a good thing. Only two more days till vacation! Hang in there and have a great day.

McCrakensx4 said...

I wish we had snow days! I miss those! But I guess when you live in AZ that is something you have to give up! Oh well! We, too, go around and look at lights (we did it the other night and it was fun!) I also bake and hand out plates of goodies on Chirstmas Eve. Christmas Eve service and then home for pizza has become a family tradition since moving to AZ! Lots of fun, those traditions!
Glad you are beginning to feel better :)