Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Day in a Nutshell - So far

Today has been an enjoyable day so far and it is only 10:37 am. Cameron let us sleep in and boy oh boy did we need it. Shawn especially enjoyed it since he is working so much and I was totally exhausted after my day out at our family gathering yesterday. We got up at 9:30 - can you believe that Cameron let us sleep in that late? Yep, I was surprised too, but I guess we all needed it. I fixed pancakes for breakfast for both of my boys.... Shawn had good ole regular round ones and I fixed Cameron Mickey Mouse pancakes.
Shortly after we ate we decided to give Cameron a bath and well as you can see he took off his diaper and up the stairs he went. I guess he was ready for a bath - huh? Yep, he indeed loves his bath time and we have just recently had to start spelling it out instead of saying it because if you say that you are thinking about it and then you forget or decide to do it later then you are in for some trouble. Yep, little man is not happy if you promise a bath and then go back on your word. Anyway, he enjoyed his bath and play time in the water. Now I am off to the kitchen again to get ready to fix homemade spaghetti sauce for my sweet hubby. I even offered to fix it and after I did that, I thought to myself "What were you thinking?" I guess he deserves a good meal for all he has done for us (strike that) me. So, I am going to fix him a good meal and I hope he enjoys it. I have to let it cook and simmer all day so it will be good and tasty in time for dinner. Hope you all have a blessed day!!


Kelly said...

Yummy...I love pancakes. CJ calls them "popcakes". ;)
Gotta love a kid who likes getting a bath.
Care to share how you make your spaghetti sauce? I love homemade sauce. (my step dad is full blooded Italian and an AWESOME cook) I can be there in plenty of time for dinner. lol ;)

He And Me + 3 said...

What a nice relaxing day you are having. Those pancakes look so yummy. I used to make homemade sauce, but now I just spruce up the Ragu. I know very lazy. Throw in some meatballs...voila! I am sure yours will be so yummy! I can smell it already. YUM!

Brandi,Dan & Lukas said...

My poor hubby I am not a good cook and I always just use can sauce. HA HA. Pretty soon Cameron is going to know how to spell Bath ha ha. We have had to spell out binky so that Lukas wouldn't know what we were talking about but when we spell it now he knows so we had to come up with something else.

Stacey said...

How awesome to get to stay in bed until 9:30, I wish I could have. With traveling down to my parents to bake on Frday and Saturday, I got a little behind on things here for church this morning. Some how I had lost our church directory to know how to spell the names of some of our new church family. For a while I searched the house over and finally found it, yes, it was, as Scott would say, where I last put it. After getting the cards ready and about 6 other small things for the service today, I didn't get to bed until 2:45am. We have contemporary church service at 8:30am and I wanted to be there by 8:00 so I could put the cards in our postage free mailboxes. That is so nice and wonderful to look forward to getting a handful of cards each week and being able to personally thank those who gave them to you. OH! I got the beautiful Christmas card you sent us and is proudly hanging on our refrigerator. :) Everyone looks to see what pictures I have up there, because I frequently change them due to getting quite a few and a lot of art work from some little cousins of Scott and I's as well. I can just see it now, the artwork of our little one(s) on there. It will most likely have to change daily. Thank goodness for the www, because then I can post pictures on here and not have to clutter up the refrigerator or wall paper the house with all of them. :) (lol) I am sure that you know what I mean.
Well, those pancakes sure do look good! My favorite is the Mickey Mouse one. I am sure that they taste good too. What other shapes do you make? Hearts for Shawn? Snowmen? Train wheels? Now that would be cute!
Kelly hit the nail on the head, if I had known you where going to fix spaghetti sauce homemade for supper, I could certainly make it! Italian food is my favorite and we seem to eat quite a bit of it here at the Reilly house.
Got to love bath time, I remember when my sister was little and wanted to stay in the bath tub so that she would shribble up and look like a prune. She would always say that she wanted to stay in there long enough so that she would end up looking like grandma then! Boy how time flies. I was shopping the other day and saw some of the cutest bath toys. Does Cameron have a lot?
Well, I have written another book for you to read. When I get going, I just keep going and going. You might say I like to talk I guess, as you already know. :) Have a great rest of the day and I will look forward to hearing about it soon. :)
Hugs and smiles!

Stacy C. said...

Wow are one lucky lady. I'm shocked if I get to sleep to 7:30.

Jill said...


How are you feeling? I'm praying you are doing wonderful!

Oh, isn't fun to have pancake Saturday. Scott makes us pancakes or waffles from scratch every weekend - stuff them with fruit and vegan chocolate chips! YUMMY! Our family gift was a waffle maker three weeks ago and we love it!

I am sure the sauce and special dinner turned out perfectly!

You are very sweet and so full of love! What a blessing it is to see you joyful with your husband and son!

Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family - may it be blessed as you welcome in the New Year!

Hugs and love,

McCrakensx4 said...

Family pancake breakfasts are favorites at our house too! Love those kinds of days!