Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What to be for Halloween - That is the question!!

So, we are trying to decide on what Cameron should be for Halloween this year. Last year he was a yellow duck and a VERY CUTE yellow duck at that. This year we are trying to decide on a few things, but haven't made a decision yet and time is slowly running out.

Our options are the following......
1) Cow 2) Monkey 3) Lamb/Sheep 4) Elephant
5) Mickey Mouse

He likes all of these, but he tends to like the first 4 because they are all on Mickey Mouse. So, what are your thoughts? Give me some ideas or vote on what you think would be the cutest.

~ Here is a picture of him last year ~ Cute - huh?


Stacie Rodgers said...

how cute.

Jennifer said...

I always love the elephant costumes for young kids. Your son is adorable so I'm sure he'd look great in any of them though!

By the way, you totally made my day today .. the first non-family comment on my blog! :) I love it! We're totally going to have to compare notes after we see Nights in Rodanthe. My husband wants to go see Fireproof, which opens the same day. I think we'll have to strike a deal and go see both.