Friday, September 12, 2008

Do you ever stop and think

Do you ever stop and think about all of the wonderful blessings that God gives us each and every day? I woke up this morning to a beautiful little boy smiling back at me, the sound of rain falling on the roof of the house and the sound of my husband snoring. Hmm, is the snoring really a blessing? I think I will have to think about that one (lol). Anyway, I knew that it was suppose to rain here in Ohio all day today and pretty much all weekend, but I don't mind. It will give my yard and flowers a much needed drink. It will more importantly give me the excuse to just stay home and enjoy some one on one time with Cameron. I love sunny days, but I also love the rainy days as well.

I was visiting a site this morning......another blog that totally touched my heart and soul. It was of a family that lost a child shortly after birth. It was sad to read the story, but if you think about all of the little ones that families lose and sit back and think about what heaven is like.... WOW, can you imagine what a beautiful place that is? Heaven is full of our loved ones - Big & Small. I sit here and think about my grandparents that I lost and then I think of our little baby that we lost back in 2004. My grandparents are probably having so much fun with that little one. It was difficult to lose that child that we had been praying for, but I am a firm believer that time heals all wounds and I believe that they are all up in heaven preparing a wonderful place for us. We may not understand why we lose our loved ones, but God has a plan and his plan is so much greater then ours. I have grown to understand that over the years. Oh trust me, I didn't realize that back in February 2004 when I went in for emergency surgery and our child was taken from us. Things change in a blink of an eye. You may have that special someone with you one day and the next they are gone and you can't seem to understand why. God will give you the strength to go on and in time you will heal and hopefully understand. I now know or at least I think I understand why we lost our child in 2004. Perhaps God just needed another little angel to help make heaven a brighter and more beautiful place.....

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