Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dress Rehearsal

Well, we received Cameron's Halloween costume in the mail today and he looks too stinkin' cute in it. I of course couldn't wait to see him in it so, we had to try it on. He of course looks too cute as Mickey Mouse and he LOVES it. He didn't want to take the costume off. So, we decided to take a couple pictures of him and here he is....... The Cutest Mickey Mouse in the Universe!!
Yep, I think I made the correct decision in having him be Mickey Mouse and who cares if I ended up with 2 costumes or not (hahaha). I am just hoping that he doesn't grow much before Halloween time because it could end up being too snug if that is the case.

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Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness that's the cutest costume!!! I love it!