Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tasty Thursday

Have you ever made something that brought back lots of memories for you as a child? Well, I made my late grandma's homemade macaroni and cheese the other night. Talk about a great post!! I remember going to my grandma's as a kid and sitting down for dinner or lunch and her serving up this tasty meal. Well, awhile back I knew that I wanted my Mom to write down recipes that were my favorites and give them as a gift to me in a recipe book. She wrote down a few, but not nearly as many as I would like. Inside the book, was her Mom's homemade macaroni and cheese recipe so, I decided to try it. Ahhhh, I sat down to enjoy a whole plate full of macaroni and cheese and it literally brought tears to my eyes. I wasn't sure that the sauce was going to turn out right because it took some time for the cheese to melt, but when it all melted and I gave it a taste..... WOW, it brought back so many GREAT memories of spending time with my grandparents. Something that I miss terribly. I always had a small family to begin with, but when you lose your grandparents, you tend to lose the core of a family or at least that is my thoughts. I have lost both sets of my grandparents and I often think to myself what I wouldn't give for one day with them again. It is a shame that when you are younger, you take so much for granted. You
have either grown up and decided to start a family or you have a family and "THEN" you think about all of the things that you should have or would have asked your grandparents. So, today I ask that if you are reading this post and it strikes something inside you....... then I encourage you to ask you grandma or grandpa that certain question, ask them about that recipe and be sure to make a note because you never know when they might leave and when you might end up empty handed without any answers. Enjoy the time you have and cherish every moment as if it were your last. Until then I ask that you look at that big pan of macaroni & cheese and let your mouth begin to water (hahahaha). Seriously, I would be willing to share the recipe with anyone that is interested!!

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