Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When your child says "I Wuv Ew" for the 1st Time

Cameron was up early this morning yelling "Mommy". All I wanted to do was roll back over, turn off the baby monitor and say "I get 30 more minutes." Instead Shawn went in and got Cameron and brought him to me. As I was laying there rubbing Cameron's forehead and talking to him he looked at me and said for the very first time "I Wuv Ew". It was so cute and definitely a moment to remember forever. We had been working on it with him, but today he put it all together and said it all on his own. He then proceeded to roll on to his side and put his arm around my arm and then he said "awwww". I do that alot when he gives me a kiss or a hug out of the blue. Anyway, it is a short post, but something I had to share with all of you. Definitely started my day off GREAT!!

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