Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Starting Clomid Today

Well, today is the day that I start Clomid. It is the 3rd day of my cycle and I will take the pills day 3-7. I am so nervous about starting the pills because last time I was on them they made me quite evil. I don't recall any other side effects except for the mood swings and hot flashes. My husband calls Clomid the devil pill so we are both not really looking forward to me starting them. I am now a SAHM so I don't have the insurance I use to have and my DH's insurance doesn't cover a single drop of anything when it comes to infertility coverage so Clomid is the cheapest way and my fertility specialist thought it would be worth a try seeing as though I have always been a poor ovulator. So, that is where we stand right now. I am not sure if Clomid will work for us since it didn't work years ago, but I am definitely holding out hope and keeping the FAITH. I guess a part of me thinks that since I have been pregnant before then perhaps I could get pregnant a bit easier this time around. I am probably kidding myself, but I am still trying my best to stay positive and hope for the best. I know Cameron would be a GREAT big brother!! He is truly just the sweetest little boy that I have ever seen and so well behaved......ok, well at least most of the time (lol). I remember when I was going through all of this before we got pregnant with Cameron and we went through test after test and fertility treatment after fertility treatment and I thought to myself that I would never get pregnant. I went through an emotional roller coaster every single day and it was so hard. I guess having Cameron makes things a bit easier this time around. We are hoping for Baby #2, but if it doesn't happen on Clomid then I will just continue to thank my lucky stars that we have our little miracle Cameron. Anyway, here is to Clomid pill #1 (UGHH). Keep us in your prayers.......

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amy said...

Saying a little prayer and keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Hope you survive the clomid induced nuttiness...that stuff can be evil!!