Friday, July 18, 2008

Little Hands & Little Feet

Cameron loves Mickey Mouse and I normally record Mickey Mouse Clubhouse everyday for him. Well, I decided this morning that we would snuggle up on the recliner and watch it together while eating a morning snack. We were sitting there watching the show and I couldn't help, but to watch him and look at how big he has grown in such a short time. Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday when we found out we were pregnant, in the delvivery room, being taken in for a c-section and then having our little boy. He was holding my hand this morning and I couldn't help, but to look at his hands and feet. They use to be so small, they fit in the palm of my hand and well now he wears a size 5 shoe. Watch out!! He still very much loves his feet.... it was funny because I remember every single time we would go in for an ultrasound he would ALWAYS have his feet in the picture. It was like he was showing them off or something and they were so cute. I just love his little piggie toes. I made some molds of his feet when he was alot smaller and wasn't moving as much (6 months) and thought I would share some pictures with you. Where does the time go? Enjoy every minute with your little ones as they grow fast and get big!!

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Stephanie Miller said...

Hey guys, I love this page. Cameron is such a star. I am proud of you guys for sharing your story. I am sure you touched many families. I cannot wait to see more pictures of "little Shawn". Treasure all the moments.