Thursday, July 17, 2008

It Can Happen!!

I have noticed that alot of folks are looking at my blog. First of all, I guess you are either looking at my blog because you saw my story on NBC4, you are currently going through infertility yourself, you know someone going through infertility or you are just kinda curious about my site. Whatever the case might be, let me just say "Thank You for stopping by". I am thrilled that I have had so many visits to my site, but more importantly that I have hit a chord with so many couples out there that have gone through or are currently going through infertilty. My main reason for doing the story was to let everyone out there know that miracles do happen and our little Cameron is proof of that. Infertility comes in all different stories and over the next couple months I am hoping to share some more miracle stories with everyone of you that comes to visit my site. If I could say a few things to those couples that are currently dealing with infertility it would be this..... Don't Give Up On Your Dream Of Becoming A Parent!! It will happen and you just have to find it in yourself to stay strong, positive and most importantly to KEEP THE FAITH and NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!!

I know that when I was going through IVF that it helped tremendously to have a support system. I had a great friend that I worked with that went through the same thing, but unfortunately had to go through IVF more then once. She now has twin boys and if my memory serves me correctly they are turning 6 or 7. I also have another dear friend that just recently went through IVF more then once and finally got pregnant after the 4 time around and is due to have her baby in August. So, there are so many wonderful stories to share and hopefully I can share them all with you. Stay Tuned!!


Stacy said...

I can relate with your situation entirely! I thrilled to hear about your wonderful results! We are thrilled with our son as well!
Best of luck and thanks for keeping everyone inspired and informed!

amy said...

Thanks for the comment. I will be checking back to read your entire story the next time my little guy goes down for a nap.