Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Game Plan - Step 3 IVF (In-vitro Fertilization)

Well, the IUI didn't work and I knew that I wasn't going to give up quite yet especially since I had "SOME" insurance coverage through the company that I worked for so we moved forward with IVF. We went to counseling as a part of the ART program. We were setup for injection classes to learn all about the meds and how to inject them. We ordered the meds ( around $4000 worth). I started an antibiotic as well as my dear hubby. Shortly after that I started birth control, Lupron, Menopur, Gonal F and the list goes on. I was doing pretty good with the shots in my stomach, but experienced frequent cramping.....all normal due to the progress of the follicles (eggs). Every other day or couple days I would go in for blood draws, internal ultrasounds to check the progress of everything. Everything was looking good and I was given instructions on when to take the trigger meds (Ovidrel). I took the shot in the evening and then had my egg retreival the next day. I was given a shot in the tushie to help me relax and take the edge off and then they started the retreival. They got 13 eggs and the next day I was told that only 10 of them fertilized. It was touch and go for days. I would receive calls from the lab on how my little embryos were doing and of course we only wanted good news. Every day there were 1 or 2 embryos drop off and not divide into more cells and therfore not be viable. We were set for day 5 transfer. The day I went in for the transfer I was told what we had to work with..... we had 3 embryos left out of 13 eggs. I thought to myself...... how in the world can that be possible? I had 13 freaking eggs and now we are down to 3 embryos? That was crazy, but they helped you understand. Shawn and I decided to transfer all 3, but the doctor (Dr. Freidman) told us that he thought 2 would be ok. He wanted to leave one of the embryos alone to see if it would divide into more cells and be possible for freezing. So, we transferred 2 embryos that day. We were so, we just sit and wait and wait and sit.

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