Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Progesterone Needles - OUCH!!

It is quite strange, but I was cleaning out from underneath my kitchen sink last night and at the far back of the back of the cabinet was a HUGE liquid Tide container. I thought that I pitched that container long ago, but I didn't. Hahaha, I guess that goes to show you how frequently I clean under the sink (lol). Anyway, I used that container to store all of my used needles when I went through IVF. They do actually give you a sharps dispenser when you get all of your fertility meds and needles, but with as many needles that you use you definitely need a MUCH LARGER container to store the needles in and then dispose of them. Well, I came across the container and looked inside and couldn't believe my eyes. I knew that I took alot of shots, but looking back on it and seeing the needles.....well, I almost freaked out!! All I can say is that I am 1 tough cookie to have gone through everything that I did in order to make my dream of becoming a Mom come true. It was totally worth it and I would do it all over again if we only had the extra money. Anyway, I had to post this picture that I took of the progesterone needle. OUCH, I remember those shots hurting like no tomorrow, but we lived through them after receiving some great advice from a dear friend that I am willing to share with anyone now. If you ever need advice on how to make the progesterone shots not hurt so much just e-mail me anytime at - I am always willing to help. So, here is the picture of the needles that went into my tushy every night for a couple months. OUCH!!

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