Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Old Friend in Michigan

Yesterday I decided to send an e-mail to a gal in Michigan. This gal is the new Mommy to my kitty cat Simon. Well, I purchased Simon many many years ago when I was married to my first husband. I wanted a little kitty and when I went to meet this breeder, I fell in love with her kitty cats. Well, Simon was the one that came to me and made over me and I of course feel instantly in love with him. So, I bought him that evening and brought him home. My first husband I had not been getting along and I suppose that I was filling a void, but Simon and I became instant buddies. He was the most affectionate little guy that you have ever seen. He was just the sweetest and I loved him. He had definitely been through everything with me. He went through a divorce with me, a stupid move to Chicago to be with a man, a move back to Ohio to get away from that man and then a start of a new life. He was there with me for everything and I loved him for that. It was definitely a rough and bumpy road, but he was my little tagalong. Anyway, many many years later I met Shawn and we got married. Simon loved and adored him and I think he was so happy to have a little father figure in his life (lol). I know that sounds weird for a cat, but it was difficult for him since I had been through some rough relationships and he was very hesitant on trusting men. He loved Shawn. Anyway, to make a long story short......I became pregnant and found another home for Simon. He went to the state up north. Ohio States BIG rival, but I must say that they are the best and the sweetest people. I found a great home for him and they love him dearly. The nice thing is that his new Daddy has retired so Simon has someone with him at home all the time. I know he must love that. Here is a picture of him now and I received the picture yesterday. Sounds like he is doing well. Still fat and sassy and is very spoiled. Thank you Nancy for taking such great care of him. I guess it is a good thing that I found him a new home because Cameron is allergic to cats. I am hoping that someday he will grow out of that, but we will see.
I love you my sweet boy and miss you Simon!!


Kelly said...

I had a cat prior to C too. ;)
A prior boyfriend bought her for me and I LOVED her. She had two litter of kitties and I had the hardest time giving them away. :(
After I had C and brought him home from the hospital, his very first diaper change at home, he pee'd on the cat (Zoey). Zoey did not like that very much and we saw ery little of her after that. Once we moved here she kept escaping through the crawl space in the cellar and became an out door kitty who one of our neighbors with young (older) kids asked if they could have. So she now lives down the street and we see her occassionally.
Our "first babies".
I love the name Simon for a cat. :)

Mimi said...

Awwww. What a sweet post. I love cats but hubby is allergic. I'm glad you found him a good home. In a great state!!! LOL I'm in Michigan too!


He And Me + 3 said...

How neat that you still keep in touch with the people you gave Simon too. He does look healthy and happy. I am sure that makes your heart smile knowing he is taken care of so well.

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

I LOVE CATS!! He looks very happy, its really good that you found such a good home for him:)