Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Vacation To ALWAYS Remember

Being a woman that has experienced a life with infertility, you always dream about all of the wonderful things you want to do with a child once you have one. Well, I can definitely cross off these things off my list. After years of struggling with infertility and not knowing whether or not I would ever be able to have a child...... I was thrilled to FINALLY have the chance to take our little IVF miracle to the beach. We spent a week at Myrtle Beach and had a blast!! The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed every moment of the time we had together - Just the three of us! Cameron loved playing in the water, the sand and enjoyed the pool as well. He scrapped up his knee the first night there so I think that prevented him from going crazy with the ocean for about a day or two, but once his knee started feeling better......he went crazy! He would run into the ocean, run back out, build sandcastles, run into the water, look for shells, throw the shells and even throw the sand. He literally had a blast and we did too. It was WONDERFUL just seeing him explore the new surroundings and just enjoy something that he hasn't yet experienced or ever seen. Uh yeah, I took over 600 pictures so trying to figure out what pics to post was difficult, but here are just a few of my many favorites!!
Here is Cameron running across the bridge over to the ocean. He had no idea what was waiting for him when he got over there, but trust me, he ran like crazy when he saw it.
This is the 1st picture that I took of him as the very first wave came up across his feet. As you can see...... he loved it!! He kept saying "Here comes more Mommy"
Look at that beautiful smile!!
He just loved everything about our vacation!
A family picture taken by a passerby. Look at Cameron's eyes! WOW - beautiful.
I love this picture of Cameron and I. Nothing more special then a bond between a Mother and her child. We do indeed have a very special bond.
I love the smiles that these two have. Shawn was running and Cameron just loved it!
What a beautiful boy resting his chin on his Daddy's head
Cameron's favorite form of transportation and you gotta love his new hat!
Mommy and Cameron looking for the perfect seashell - Look we found one!
Playing with some debris after a short 2 hour storm. Other then that 2 hour storm...... the weather was perfect!
He loved throwing the sand and as you can see "squeezing it". Gotta love the sand running down his arms!
This is the ONLY time he fell on his "bum" in the ocean. I was happy to have caught his reaction. Isn't it precious!?!
Cameron and Mommy feeding the ducks. He especially LOVED the white duck.
Looking for more shells as the sun sets for the night.
Hope you all enjoyed the pictures. I could share all 600 pictures with you, but you would literally be here forever. Hope you all can experience the greatness of this too!


Brandi,Dan & Lukas said...

Glad you had such a good vacation. We had to settle for a mini vacay we wish we could afford a bigger vacation but I think in DEC 2010 we are going to Disneyland hopefully. So hopefully by then we can afford a nice vacation. Cameron is so cute and looked like he had a lot of fun.

Aspiemom said...

I'm glad you had such a great vacation. It was fun seeing some of your pictures!

Lisa said...

Looks like all of you had a great vacation. Cute pics! I am hoping I can enjoy the beach with a child one day. Keep praying!

Lisa :)

McCrakensx4 said...

I saw your pics over on FB too and ya'll look like you had so much fun! I, too, love the beach. The boys have been a few times, but not has many I would like! I am so glad that you had such fun! And all the pics are so great! We leave tonight for CO for the week and the boys (well me too!) are so excited!

He And Me + 3 said...

What awesome pictures and how fun it all looks. I love the family picture and your matching shirts. we will have matching flag shirts too come 4th of July...curtiosy of Stacey at Mccrakensx4. She found them for us.
Loved the last one with the sun. Gorgeous.
glad you had a great time. We are at the beach now enjoying our time too.

John, Jessica and Emma said...

Glad you had so much fun!! I love the pictures!!

The Dorns said...

omgosh I somehow missed this post. What absolutely beautiful pictures. I hoped you framed some of them. Then when you see it you will think back about all the fun the three of you had at the beach. Cameron always looks so happy and I love that you let him be "all boy" exploring, discovering and using that silly imagination" that post about all the time. Your such an awesome mommy.