Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Time = Fun Time Pictures

I love that spring is here and the weather is getting warmer everyday. I will start you out with a few pictures and then add a little story in the middle. Hope you enjoy the pictures of my sweet boy!
Doesn't he look so sweet and innocent here?
He loves to run!!
He loves blowing the dandelions!
Mommy & Daddy's Cool Dude!
Cameron saw this hat in the garden center of Wal-Mart and had to have it. Doesn't he look too cute with it on? My little garden helper!
Daddy & Cameron sharing a snack (goldfish crackers).
Busy watching Yo Gabba Gabba!
These following pictures are unfortunately in reverse order, but you should get the point. Last weekend we went to the Columbus Zoo. We had so much fun and it was beautiful. We have a membership so we try to go frequently, but only hit certain areas on our trip so we all don't get worn out so quick. Anyway, the first picture is of Cameron when we left. He flipped off his shoe and he was out like a light. Hmm, I guess we wore him out, but we had a blast!!
The neat thing about last weekend is that the kiddie rides were open so we bought Cameron a ride bracelet so he could ride the rides as much as he wanted. Well, this elephant ride was his favorite. He also rode the kiddie train which was definitely a treat. I was so excited because I knew he would enjoy the rides, but I had no idea how small these rides really were. I guess I now totally understand the meaning of "kiddie ride". I decided to ride with Cameron 1st and we were so excited. I got into one elephant and it was broke and wouldn't go up and down so we switched elephants. Well, unfortunately my husband and I are not Barbie and Ken so when you gotta ride with your small child...... it can tend to be a bit difficult! Well, I switched elephants all the while my husband is laughing and I am getting worn out from climbing in and out of these elephants and toting Cameron around. Well, the 2nd elephants seat belt didn't fit around both Cameron and I because it was broken and tied in a knot. So, out we hopped out of that one and into the 3rd elephant. Oh yes, I was about ready to give up by then and my husband is ready to pee his pants from laughing at all I had to do for a simple 1 minute elephant ride. I guess you end up doing anything for your child. Luckily the 3rd elephant was fine and we were up and down and out and Cameron was ready to go again. He had so much fun!! So, after our trip to the zoo we went and had a cookout at some friends house, played the Wii and well now we have a Wii in layaway. We are hoping to get it out of layaway tonight or tomorrow. We also put a Wii Fit back as well so hopefully I can be on my way to looking more like Barbie and less like Free Willy (lol). I just need to lose some weight and that is definitely evident now after our trip to the zoo and our turn on the kiddie rides! Well, enjoy the pictures!
We rode on the "blue" elephants and the "purple" elephants - ONLY!
That was Cameron's strict instructions (lol).
Here is the blue elephant.....
Here is the purple elephant!
Taking a break for a picnic lunch.
Checking out the Bison.
Chillin' with his upside down sunglasses : )
Now it is time to help Daddy mow. He is such a busy little boy!
Hope you all are enjoying your spring time & making the best of it!
I know that we are here in Ohio.


Lyndsay said...

Hi Lisa,

Looks like you guys had a blast. I love it when the weather gets nice out.

I have a question...Owen is starting to love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I know that Cameron likes it too so I'm hoping you know this. At the end when they sing the hot dog song what are the words at the very end. They say, "We splitin' the scene were full of ???" I can't understand the rest of the song. I love to sing the songs with him so it's been irritating that I can't figure it out.


He And Me + 3 said...

Great pictures and sounds like and looks like you had a great time. He is so cute.

Mimi said...

I lvoe the pictures! You giys look like you had a wonderful time. We were going to go to the Toledo zoo last weekend but we ended up at the Detroit Zoo. At least they have cleaned it up a bit!


Jen said...

Love the picture in the laundry basket! So cute!!

Glad you had a good time at the zoo.

Also, thank you so much for the sweet comment you left me on my blog the other day. :)

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Oh my goodness, it does not get much cuter than that. Not sure what happened, but I stopped getting your blog updates. So nice to catch up. Looks like you guys are having some fun.