Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bringing the Outside.... Indoors

Well, we aren't really bringing the outside indoors, but that is what it seems like. We got out Cameron's baby swing the other evening for the little baby that I babysit for during the week. Well, Cameron saw that it was a swing and he knew he had to try it out. Shawn said "no" at first, but I thought that he wasn't to terribly heavy so we let him swing in it for a little while. Well, now he wants to swing in it all the time (lol). I guess that since the weather has been a bit cold for us to go out and play that it won't hurt for him to swing for a couple days. We also gave him part of his Easter gift early.
I can't believe that he use to swing in that as a baby and now his feet almost touch the floor. WOW - where has my little boy disappeared to? He is getting so big so fast!!
Here is part of Cameron's Easter gift. Of course it couldn't fit in his basket and since it has been a bit chilly we decided to allow him to enjoy it indoors. Well, he has gone non-stop with this slide. We picked it up at Wal-Mart last night and he is now what you would call a stunt man with it. He was up on top of it last night and decides that he is going to try running down it. Well, me being the worrisome Mom that I am, just about flipped out!! He is now going down it on his belly, head first and well he climbs up it too. He just makes me nervous and I can't imagine what this summer is going to be like when he is out in the backyard on the BIG swing set with the BIG slide. Oh yes, you myswell just knock me out now (lol).

Gotta love that smile - huh? AND you gotta hate the mess of my house!! Oh, my house needs cleaned and de-clutterized in the worst way. Gotta love how I make up my own words - huh? Yep, that is my new word of the (lol). I love it!! Well, it is suppose to warm up over the next couple days so hopefully we can get outside and play. Is SPRING ever going to get here? Are we going to have warm days tomorrow and snow and cold temps the next? I just want the warm temps and sunny days to come and stay!! Is anyone else with me on that?


Mommy of a miracle said...

He is so cute! My son also likes to swing in his "baby" swing that we got out for a baby I baby sat for a while. Boys are so silly!

He And Me + 3 said...

Cute is amazing how much they grow in just a few years. Cute and fun slide. He has a whole playground in the house. LOL
i am with you, I want spring!

Jennifer said...

That indoor slide looks like a lot of fun. He will have a blast on the big slide this spring too. I'm right with you on being impatient for spring to arrive. I already ordered some more daylilys. I told myself that I wouldn't .. but I did.

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Great pictures. He really is such a cutie.

McCrakensx4 said...

They do grow up so fast! I remember when colin was little and still in the swing and brendan wanted in but was wwaayyy to big! The slide pics are fun too and the whole stunt man thing, you just need to get used to that now Lisa, it is NEVER gonna get better!!!

Lyndsay said...

We took out the swing a while back and Owen did the same thing. He loved it for quite a while, but now it's back in the garage.

Stacy said...

Him in the swing brings back memories! All of my kids tried to fit in the swing when they were older.Even when their feet touched the

Stacey said...

Those are just precious pictures of Cameron. :) His smile always makes me smile and just want to give him great big hugs and kisses.

That slide is certainly going to get a work out and your money's worth, I'm sure. :) What a great idea. Let the adventures begin!!! (lol)

Yes, I have prayed so hard that spring will come and stay. We finally got to see the sunshine yesterday and today. They are calling for possible rain tomorrow. Just hopeful that it does not sprinkle on Saturday for the egg hunt. :)

Love and hugs,

sara said...

That slide looks fun and he is so darn cute on it! I totally can't wait for warmer days ahead. Where are you sunshine?