Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun In The Sun

Fun in the Sun is definitely what Cameron has been having alot of lately. He LOVES being outside and has been taken full advantage of the sunshine and warm temperatures that we have been having lately. I don't mind being outside, but I must admit that it has been awfully warm and humid lately. It is funny to see because when Cameron is hot....... his body reacts the same as mine. We both end up getting rosy cheeks and I must say that he looks too cute with rosy cheeks! Here are some pictures that I took of him on Friday. His newest stunt is climbing the slide on the swing set that we have in our backyard. Believe it or not, when he was climbing it, I was sitting a couple feet away on a swing. I must getting use to the stuntman in him (hahahaha).

FINALLY - he made it up to the top after several attempts! He was so proud of himself and so was his Mommy and Daddy. I was nervous, but I kept myself together pretty good.
Uh Oh, down he went and right into his friends way. This is one of the little girls that I babysit for during the week and Cameron is always calling her "friend". They play so well together.
Isn't this such a cute picture of the two of them running down the hill in the backyard? They are both so happy and having loads of fun. Gotta love those smiles!!
Look at that ornery, but sweet smile!


Brandi,Dan & Lukas said...

Man if that is an onery smile you are lucky! You should see Lukas's onery faces! Lukas likes to climb up the slides too. Cameron is so cute.

McCrakensx4 said...

looks as though you are getting some pretty nice weather there! Boys are so much fun, doing evrything they are not supposed to be doing! He is such a doll; love the pic of him and his 'friend' holding hands!

He And Me + 3 said...

Yep, I can so relate to the STunt Man! lOL
He is all boy. What fun to have gorgeous weather and to be out enjoying it. Cameron is so cute. In one of those pictures he really looks like his daddy!

Stacy said...

It seems to have skipped spring and went right to!

He is getting so big and you seem to be relaxing more Because you know he can handle the stuntman in

Mimi said...

Doesn't it seem like yesterday we were posting about snow and cold and we couldn't wait for the summer. It's finally here and now the kids can play outside!!! Yay!

Of course, he is adorable too!!!