Monday, September 21, 2009

Sick Little Boy

Cameron has been sick for about a week and half now and he is now on his 2nd round of antibiotics.  He has one horrible sinus infection and this past weekend he was even experiencing a fever.  I can’t stand it when he is sick!!  It is so hard because all you want to do is make them better instantly and when you can’t….. well, it is just hard not only on them, but Mommy too.  We have been spending alot of time inside lately even though it has been beautiful outside.  He hasn’t felt like doing much of anything except laying around so we have been doing alot of reading, coloring and watching tv.  I was cleaning out the garage this weekend and took a little break from cleaning to come in and color with him.  We always enjoy coloring together.

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Hopefully he gets to feeling better soon.  In the meantime we will just be hanging out together and catching up on all of our favorite blogs!


Lisa said...

Sorry to hear that Cameron is sick again. I hope he feels better soon.

I am glad you get to stay home with your sweet little boy and take care of him. Take care of yourself too!

Lisa :)

Jen said...

Hope Cameron feels better soon!

Candi said...

Poor buddy! Carter has the same thing...he's just now getting a little better.

Emily said...

Poor Cameron.. I really hope he gets better soon.. I know that has to be hard on you and him. :(

Thank you for leaving your sweet comment.... I can't wait until I can show Miss Kenadie to all my bloggy friends!

Jenny said...

I hope Cameron is feeling better soon. Take care of yourself too!!

I love your music!:)

Enjoy your weekend!